Weight Loss Tips

by by Mademoiselleju

weight loss tips

weight loss tips

Weight loss as almost everything in our life requires dedication, focus, motivation and self-belief.

  • First of all, do not fall for those ads you see on TV and Internet all the time, offering you a “limited opportunity chance” to lose 10 pounds in 1 week, do not take this too personally – because this is just nonsense.

  • There are two main things that will directly help you to achieve your weight loss goals – proper diet and exercise. There are a lot of diets available online, or you can even buy some books on Amazon. But try to understand this - diet is not about starving yourself. Starving yourself will possibly do even more harm than good.

  • Do your research on a diet and choose one that you actually like and think you can follow from the day you start until the day you hit that dream goal.

  • Do not switch your diet plans too quickly. One month is not nearly enough to produce any kind of reasonable weight loss results.

    In case you do not see any results after 3 months and other people are having success with the diet you are trying, then perhaps you are doing something wrong.

  • I’m not going into the details of exercise groups, since there are so many of them it would take me ages to review them for you.

    If you are a very busy person and do not have that much time to go to gym, there are a lot of quality weight loss DVD collections.

  • Obviously a gym with a professional trainer is preferred and will allow you to achieve better results in faster timespan.

  • Focus is probably the most important part of a successful diet.

    A lot of people tend to believe that willpower is more important (or at least that’s what you hear all those weight loss trainers saying), but recent studies have shown that willpower can actually set a wrong mindset.

    Instead of using your willpower to make that extra visit to the gym, enable your focus. Focus on reasons why you want to lose weight in the first place. Focus on your goals. Focus on how you will look after you will lose certain amount of pounds. Replace your saying “I need this” by “I want this!”.

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