Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator

waist to hip ratio calculator

The waist to hip ratio calculator - a more accurate indicator of your chances of getting a heart attack. All it requires is a measuring tape. You simply measure your hips at the widest part and your waist at its narrowest. This can be done in centimeters or inches. Input the data in the calculator which will tell you immediately your body type and the risk.

What Is The Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator?

This calculator is an uncomplicated method of assessing your stomach fat levels. If the ratio of waist to hip is not in the normal range, then you will know that you need to lose weight, particularly in the abdominal area.

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Different Body Types

The waist to hip ratio calculator tells you which type of body you have. After using this calculator, you will learn whether you have a pear shaped body or an apple shaped body. It is not just that you are overweight which predisposes you towards heart problems. 

It is also where the fat is located. If your high fat areas are hips and thighs, then you have the classic pear shaped body. If your high fat areas are around the waist, stomach and abdomen, then you have an apple shaped body. And an apple shaped body is an indicator of potential heart problems. Learn about different body types here.

The Older Methods

Earlier, different methods were being used to calculate the risks of health problems. There was the height to weight ratio which is still used to determine an ideal weight. Then there is the body mass index or BMI. 

However, the height weight ratio is not a great method of predicting any diseases. It does not take into account your body type, your bone structure, and even your age. There are instances where  may look fit and fine, but may be technically overweight because building up muscle also increases weight. 

The body mass also basically tells you if you have extra fat on your body but does not serve as in indicator of health problems. It can also over estimate or underestimate the actual body fat, depending on a host of factors.

There are many other different ways to determine your body fat: Body fat monitors and scales and more.

How To Get The Waist To Hip Ratio In The Normal Range

You used the waist to hip ratio calculator and learnt that the ratio in higher than normal. Now you know that you need to lose fat around the waist and abdominal area.

So losing weight not only makes you look better, bolsters your self esteem, but also keeps you fit and healthy and increases your life span. 

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