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The waist hip ratio, if not in the normal range, can be an indicator of greater risk of certain diseases, in particular of cardiovascular problems and cancer. 

Scientific research has shown that if the waist or abdominal fat area is not in proportion to the hips, then the individual may be as much as 55 percent more likely to suffer from heart disease. Both men and women who store abdominal fat can be predisposed to heart problems. The worst part is that even a little increase in the ratio amplifies the risk of heart attacks.

Scientist also found that  with more abdominal (visceral) fat had 43 percent higher risk of cancer compare to those with smaller fat stores. 

What Exactly Is The Waist Hip Ratio?

Earlier  the body mass index (BMI) used as a barometer for heart attack risks for overweight and obese people. If you want to learn more what is BMI click here.

But the waist hip ratio has proved to be a better indicator. You don’t even necessarily have to be fat or overweight to be in the abnormal range. If your top half is bigger than your bottom half, you may be more prone to cardiac problems.

The waist hip ratio is calculated by measuring your hips at the fattest part and your waist at its smallest circumference. Then you divide the waist measurement by the hip measurement. If you get an answer of 0.85 percent for women and 0.9 percent for men, you have to take greater care of your heart health apart from losing weight. What is your numbers? Find out here.

How Stomach Fat Increases Cardiovascular Risks

You may well wonder how stomach fat, whether it is a paunch or a beer belly, or just plain fat, adds to the risks of cardiac problems. It is quite simple. Research has shown that there is an increased calcium deposit in the arteries of people with waist hip ratio which is not in the normal range.

Coronary artery calcium increases the probability of cardiac incidents. Plus, the fat in the waist or abdominal area secretes certain kind of proteins which increase atherosclerotic plaque build up in the arteries. And this is what plays a great part in heart disease.

Other Causes Of Coronary Heart Disease

A waist hip ratio which is abnormal is only one indicator of heart disease risk. Other factors include the genetic element, a family history of heart disease, lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol levels, overweight, unhealthy eating habits, over-indulgence in smoking and alcohol and stress.

How To  Prevent Heart Disease And Avoid The Risk

waist to hip ratio prevention of heart diseases and cancer

There are some things which are not in your hands. For example if you have a family history of heart disease, you may be more at risk. But what is in your hands you should do to minimize the risks. If you have diseases like high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes, make sure that you are taking appropriate supplements to keep them under control. 

If you do not eat right and get in your quota of physical exercise, you will put on weight. Whether it is a little overweight or morbid obesity, it can lead to many other problems as well. So lose weight, eat right, cut back on sugar, eat heart healthy foods and get your exercise in place. Some diet tips for your heart health you can find here.

Foods that good for your heart.

If you are fit and not fat, you will reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems. You also need to keep your stress levels down and practice some relaxation techniques. All these will help in keeping your heart healthy. 

Remember the waist to hip ratio is an indicator of heart disease risks. And as much as possible these warning signs should only serve as a wake-up call so that you take good care of your health.

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