Vegan Diet for Weight Loss
Diet Tips From A Fellow Vegan

If you choose vegan diet for weight loss there are diet tips for you. But hold on, we’re getting there, people.

First of all I want to ask you the question. Do you know a reasons why people become vegan? You may be surprised to learn that not all people follow a vegan diet for the same reasons.

It’s a given that many are vegan for moral and ethical reasons, but a large number of people have also chosen to ditch burgers for health reasons! And some people choose to use vegan diet for weight loss.

What Are The Benefits Of A Vegan Diet?

vegan diet tips for weight los

Besides weight loss a vegan diet also has many other scientifically proven benefits.

Here is one fantastic example: Animal products tend to be very high in saturated fats. Reducing your saturated fat intake will significantly improve your cardiovascular health as well promote weight loss. Starting to sound good!

Also, here is a short list of diseases that a vegan diet can decrease your risk of:

  • high cholesterol,
  • high blood pressure,
  • type 2 diabetes,
  • colon cancer,
  • cataracts,
  • arthritis and osteoporosis.

Sounds even BETTER now, right?!

Weight Loss Diet Tips

Weight Loss Diet Tips

The processed foods industry has (happily) jumped on the vegan bandwagon with a boatload of convenience grub such as soy cheese and veggie burgers.

Sadly, these processed foods tend to be sky-high in excess sugar, fat and salt. In case you weren’t aware, these three things should really be limited, especially if you’re trying to lose weight!

So what does that leave you to chow down on? My advice is to stay whole.

  • Go for foods that are in the least amount of packaging, such as fresh fruit and veggies.

  • Try to limit convenience items such as frozen pizzas and soy cheeses.

  • Also, stock up on nuts, beans and lentils, as they are great sources of protein!

portion control
  • My next diet tip is to keep down your portion sizes. Remember that it is better to eat several small meals a day, opposed to three huge ones.

  • Let yourself snack. Just make sure that you stick to healthy options, such as fresh carrots or a handful of nuts or Herbalife protein shakes and Herbalife snacks. As such you can combine vegan diet for weight loss with Herbalife diet.

  • Most importantly, make sure you EDUCATE yourself! Read up on veganism.

  • Also, if you’re interested in veganism you can check out the bestseller with the unprintable name, Skinny B*tch.

  • Finally, whether you’re adopting a vegan diet for better health or weight loss, or both, keep in mind that other healthy lifestyle rules still apply: Drink lots of water, exercise regularly and allow for plenty of rest.

Now, armed with the facts, you are now ready to go out and kick that flab in the a** with a fabulous vegan diet for weight loss!

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