Portion Distortion: When One Portion Is Enough For Two


What is portion distortion? When our eyes are too big for our stomachs!

If you compared the grocery stores and convenience stores of today to those that existed twenty or thirty years ago in the United States you would be shocked.

In fact, you don't even need a time machine to do this – just look at the options of meal portions available in European grocery stores. Everything in America is much bigger: jumbo meals portions, supersizing. This is called portion distortion and it makes living a healthy lifestyle that much harder.

Fewer people in America are eating healthy portions than almost any other country at any other time in history. When you look at the average portion distortion of various American foods, the results are surprising.

To give you some examples of how much food portions have changed since 1970, here are the average size changes of various foods.

  • Cheeseburgers have, on average, doubled in size and number of calories. It use to be 350 cal, now is 600 cal.
  • Bagels have almost tripled their size.
bagel portion distortion
  • Regular soda used to be 8-12 ounces on average, but now they range from 12 ounces for small and 20-24 for regular.
soda portion distortion
  • "Official" government serving of pasta is 1/2 cup. Typical serving of pasta now is four times larger.
  • The "official" serving of French fries has about 200 cal. A typical "large" French fries is 625 cal.


The problem with portion sizes is that once you get used to large portions, it’s really hard to go back to living a healthy lifestyle. Leran about right portion sizes here.


Your stomach can actually stretch and when you eat large portions, you end up with a large stomach. This means that you’ll be more hungry more often, which leads to more snacking.

For weight management many people pay more attention to avoid certain types of food rather than eat smaller portions

Do you know that consuming only 20 extra calories will give you extra 2 pounds a year.

Diet tip-Use smaller plates.

Luckily, there are ways to get back to eat healthy portions. I was able to do it by buying smaller plates and retraining my stomach to know when it was full.

Diet tip-Diet aids.

You can also use diet aids like Herbalife Total Control and Herbalife Snack Defense to reduce hunger cravings and snacking,that you can eat less.

Just remember, even though it is on your plate (at home, at a restaurant, anywhere) it does not mean that you need to eat it all right then!

Diet tip-Split your meal.

You can counteract portion distortion by splitting your restaurant meals before you start eating and by paying attention to actual serving sizes.

Don’t worry, I can help you get back to a healthy diet and healthy eating in no time.

Take control of your health and diet:

Eating healthy portions. What exactly does it mean?

How to take control of food portion size? How to deal with these huge portions?

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