A Pear Shape Body? An Apple Body Shape?
What is your body shape?

Have you heard of a pear shape body or an apple body shape before? Many people have but tend to disregard the question of what is my body shape as relevant only to the types of clothing they pick. The body shape you have is also incredibly relevant to those who looking to lose weight.

So how can you find out about your body shape? Every individual’s shape is determined by a mixture of genetics, diet and lifestyle. It may be that you are naturally thin but have put on weight recently as a result of stress, a lack of activity or childbirth, and thus now have an apple body shape. Alternatively, you may naturally have a pear shape body that every diet you have started so far has failed to change.

So what exactly will it take for you to achieve a shape that you are proud of? Well, believe it or not paying attention to your current shape is the first step.

What Are Apple /Pear Shape Body Types?

There are three types of body shapes: apple body shape, pear and proportionate. While any of these types may be of ‘normal’ weight, they may also be fat and need to lose weight.

So you need to determine exactly which one you have prior to starting a personalized plan.

The Pear

Pear Shape Body Type

Women are more prone to having a pear shaped body when the weight settles around the hips and thighs. This is women bodies response to female hormones. Women bodies are made to bear babies and babies can use that extra space and fat. Lower body fat is beneficial to pregnant and nursing mothers as it is used for the extra calories needed for baby bearing and nursing.

However, while losing weight, the person with this body type can become thin all over and still remain pear shaped. This kind of fat is not medically dangerous and doesn’t cause specific health problems.

The Apple

Apple Body Shape

All women are not in the pear shape body category. For many it is the apple shape which is their bête-noire. Women with apple shape have higher male hormone levels than women with pear shape.


Men, too, are more likely to have an apple shape. People with the apple shape have fat around their stomach, internal fat and upper body fat. Their hips, thighs and legs will proportionately be much thinner. Both men and women with the apple shape may have thin or fat arms. Often the chest, too, may be fat and thick or normal as most of the weight will be concentrated around the stomach/abdominal area.

Belly fat tends to be the most annoying because it behaves differently to other fat on the body. It is affected by hormones and by the need to prevent infections that are linked to malnutrition.

Unfortunately, the storage of fat in the upper-middle section of the body is the precursor to many ailments, because excess weight puts pressure on the heart. It can also signal the predisposition towards ailments like

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Varicose veins
  • Osteoporosis
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Spinal disorders
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Cancer
  • Hormonal problems in women (like PCOD)

How to lose weight with the pear shape body type

Your shape dictates your priorities. For example, if you have a pear body type then you don’t want only to lose weight, you will most likely want to shift the weight off the hips and bottom. But remember, this kind of fat cells are resistant to exercise and diet. Cutting calories and increasing exercise may not be sufficient to reduce lower body fat. So what you need to do?

  • Calorie management: you need to know your calorie intake to lose weight.
  • Get enough protein to control your cravings
  • Build or maintain your muscle on tights and hips
  • Include lower-body exercise in your workout.

How to lose weight with an apple body type

If you have an apple shape than it will be the weight on the stomach that you want to move. What you need to do?

You can not lose these fat cell only by dieting. As a result you will lose both your muscles and fat, including heart muscles. To rid of this fat you need:

  • Calorie management: you need to know your calorie intake to lose weight.
  • Get enough protein to control your cravings
  • Build some lean muscles to remodel your percent body fat and body lean.
  • Exercise

So loosing weight is harder if you have the pear shape rather than an apple shape. But apple shape more medically dangerous than pear shape.

How to lose weight with proportional body shape

proportional body shape

If you have a proportional body shape, you will find it easier to lose weight from all over and also keep your diet.

Do you know that people of different shapes lose weight differently? Female body shape and male body shapes.

Use this waist to hip ratio calculator to determine your body type.

What is your ideal body shape?

Body fat % calculator.

Why do you need to calculate body fat percentage? This is a question that everyone who want to lose weight should know the answer.

There are many different ways to determine your body fat.

Do you know your BMI?

What you need to know before you decide to lose weight?

Use this calculator for effective weight loss.

Easy ways to lose weight.

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