Nitric Oxide Supplements

The popularity of nitric oxide supplements is rising due to the beneficial cardiac effects of nitric oxide. For long, it was just a notorious component of the tailpipe pollutants. Towards the end of the 1990s, that changed.

Research revealed that nitric oxide is an important molecule produced within the body. Further nitric oxide was found to have potent vasodilatory effects, which were beneficial in lowering blood pressure and reducing risk of heart disease and stroke.

Need of Nitric Oxide

nitric oxide supplements

Nitric oxide (NO) is produced by the body itself. The lining of the blood vessels creates the NO and is called endothelium. When endothelium healthy, NO is produced at optimum levels, and your cardiovascular system remains healthy. Click here to know more about what is nitric oxide and how does it help you and your health?

However due to conditions like aging or stressful lifestyle, inappropriate diet or obesity, its production goes down. As a result, cardiovascular health is compromised.

In order to start fixing the problems that lead to heart disease, your body needs to start producing more nitric oxide. Through exercise, diet and nutrition problems with the endothelium can be diminished and even reversed.

Use of appropriate nitric oxide supplements is one of the ways to boost the nitric oxide levels in the body.

Importance of Nitric Oxide Supplementation

Nitric oxide boosters increase the NO concentration in the body. Due to its antioxidant nature, nitric oxide reduces the inflammation of the cardiac arterial walls. This reduces the chances by 50% of atherosclerotic plaque and clots formation.

Also the vasodilatory activity of NO ensures that the cardiac blood vessels remain elastic and dilated and receive adequate blood supply.

It also reduces cholesterol levels by 10% to 20%. Thus nitric oxide supplements that increase NO levels help protect you from heart disease.

Choose the Right Nitric Oxide Supplements

There are several nitric oxide products available in the market. But many of them do not deliver the requisite quantity of nitric oxide required by the body. Herbalife’s Niteworks is a unique nitric oxide supplement developed by Herbalife, the leaders in nutritional health supplements.

Further, Herbalife’s Niteworks has been developed in collaboration with Dr. Louis Ignarro, who has received the Nobel Prize for his work on nitric oxide research.

What Makes Herbalife Niteworks Different

The unique composition of Herbalife Niteworks ensures that it delivers the optimal quantity of NO for your benefit. Niteworks contains a combination of amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline and is backed up with antioxidants in the form of vitamins C and E. Herbalife’s Niteworks further contains folic acid and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA).

Many nitric oxide products which claim to boost NO levels do not have all the necessary amino acids and antioxidants to help your body increase its nitric oxide production.

Only synergy and appropriate dosages of nutrients will give you all benefits from NO. Based on Dr. Louis Ignarro research his recommendation, is:

  • L-arginine daily doses 4-6 gr a day
  • L-citrulline daily dose 200-1000 mg
  • Vitamin C-500 mg
  • Vitamin E- 200 IU-
  • Folic Acid or vitamin B - 400-800 mcg
  • Alfa Lipoic Acid (ALA) - 10 mg.

Two amino acids are primarily responsible for the creation of nitric oxide in the body. These amino acids are L-arginine and L-citruline. Several nitric oxide products incorporate only L-arginine in their composition, which is not enough to produce sufficient quantities of NO.

Instead of trying to boost your NO levels with just one L-arginine, Herbalife niteworks includes both of the amino acids that your body needs to properly boost its levels.

As a result, quantity of NO delivered through Niteworks is high as compared to other products in the market.

Availability and Dosage

Herbalife Niteworks is available as a powder in a refreshing lemon flavor. It is recommended to mix two teaspoonfuls of the powder in water or juice. Drink it at night or before bedtime for optimal benefits.

Now you can choose the right supplements so that you receive the maximum benefits.

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Nitric Oxide Supplements
Herbalife niteworks

Click here to read more about Herbalife Niteworks.

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