My fight against low weight

by Marlene da Conceição Mendes Costa
(Sterrebeek, Belgium)

How did I fight against my low weight.


Hello my name is Marlene Costa, I'm 26 years old and i am from Mirandela, Portugal but now living in Belgium.

2 years ago, before I start taking the Herbalife nutritional products I was underweight almost anorectic weighed only 45kg.

I was always feeling too tired. I had a very demanding job. I worked 12 hours a day non stop and ate nothing, only the breakfast that was chocolate cereals with skim milk.

Just looking at the food I felt sick. I often forgot to eat because when I felt hungry I usually was working and I always thought "I WILL EAT WHEN I FINISH." But never ate. I also didn't drink almost any water.

I felt bad, no energy to work, not sleeping at night. I usually came home from work and went straight to bed. But I could not sleep the entire night, it was horrible.

I had a lot of headaches and stomachaches. As I am asthmatic depended on two inhalers daily to not have crisis that even with the medication sometimes had.

Every month was at least 1 time and maximum two times to the urgency of the hospital with respiratory infections and had to take antibiotics, oxygen and injections of cortisone.

But it was on July 16th that all changed when a friend invited me to lunch at her nutrition club. And I accepted.

I had never heard of Herbalife products but I took them. I thought "she's my friend, she will not give me something that will make me ill."

By day 3 of taking the products (only one Herbalife tea and one Herbalife nutritional shake per day) I was already able to sleep.

I loved that part, I had energy to work and or my family joy I started eating.

Now that I am taking the products for 2 years:

  • I stopped having headaches and stomachaches,

  • I have energy,

  • I sleep all night

  • I gained 8 kg of muscle mass in 1 year because I did the program to gain weight ( weight now 53 kg).

  • I stopped taking the inhalers for asthma once I no longer feel the need to use them.

  • I'm not going to a doctor or get sick since October 2010.

  • Never had another breathing infection.

  • I feel fantastic.


    Marlene Costa

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