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What is your ideal body shape?

Well, the terms “ideal body shape“ refers to the way in which we perceive the way we look.

For example, you look at yourself in the mirror and decide that you look good today. Or you may decide that you look a little thick around the middle and need to lose a few pounds.

Everyone has an ideal body image in their heads but this is rarely what people see in the mirror. However, there are things that you can do to achieve your ideal shape when you know what it is on a realistic level and set corresponding goals to help you achieve it.

Body image in the media

Before we discuss goals though, it is important to discuss body image in the media in a little more depth. For example, it is necessary to point out that size zero models have had a major impact on the female subconscious and the way every woman sees herself.

However, having that particular genetically natural shape is something that few women have. Most other females who get down to that size via dieting are actually jeopardizing their health. It is not an perfect shape on a medical level for them.

Women and body image

Studies have repeatedly found that women are more conscious of the body image and believe themselves to have to aspire to it than men. That is not to say that men do not feel self conscious though.


Both genders feel an increased level of pressure today to conform to what the media and fashion industries dictate.

However, what they do not tell you is that no two people have the same body shape. Instead, your shape and image is unique to you. And so the way you go about achieving weight loss and an ideal shape is too.

Difference between ideal body image and ideal body shape

It may be difficult to marry your ideal body image and your ideal body shape. You have to recognize that the two may well be a little different.

For example, if you are a size 10 apple shape at the moment then the likelihood that you can be a size zero stick and be healthy is slim to none. However, reducing your percentage of fat and stomach fat on a comprehensive and nutritious diet like Herbalife is a realistic goal that can change your shape and improve your perspective.

Finally, in addition to letting go of your ideal body image, you need to set goals of your healthy shape and healthy weight that can help you to achieve a measure of happiness in your body. A good diet and exercise can help you to achieve those goals. Only if they are based on what is naturally possible. So be realistic and you will find it much easier.

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