How Herbalife diet can help with loss of appetite.

by Maria-Helena Rodrigues

Loss of appetite and Herbalife diet

Loss of appetite and Herbalife diet

Acu from Ghana ask: I'm 31 but looks like an 18 year girl which I love so much. My problem is I'm not able to eat. My appetite is always lost. I weigh less than 50. I want to look more attractive to my husband.

I had clients with the same problem.

People like you have a bit the same symptoms as anorexic people. I have 2 friends/ customers who were anorexic and I helped them with the Herbalife products. Great results were achieved. Today, they lead a totally normal life, no longer anorexic.

It took time, patience, good knowledge of the products, some psychology and lots of care! One gained 18 kilos and the other gained 24 kilos.

I have also helped hundreds of people with the same symptom as you and always with successful results.

Here is what I advised them...

  1. - first thing in the morning is to take Herbalife aloe drink with a bit of water. Doesn't need to be a full cup of water.

  2. - prepare Herbalife shake as usual but eventually with water and frozen fruits or fresh fruits. It will be lighter for the digestive system. Drink it very slowly and divided in 2-3 times...if needed!

  3. - you can start with just one shake per day and as your digestive system starts working, you will increase progressively the amount of shakes in a day.

  4. - you can as well mix the Formula1 Healthy meal in ice cream or yogurt. This will make it more smooth and tasting like a dessert.

Keep in mind

that the Herbalife aloe drink is the first thing in the morning. It will help cleanse your digestive system and prepare it for other nutrients.

If you have a lack of energy, you can as well drink Herbalife tea during the day. But it should be very light in order not to provoke anxiety, which is sometimes occurring to people with the same type of problem.

Have in mind that, it doesn't matter if first time you start with 1/2 serving of shake or, only with 1 shake, or 2 shakes, or 3 shakes a day. What matters is to start with that. You take some of it, whenever your body accepts it.

Because, whatever amount enters into your body, it will help start detox and feed your body. After a little time of doing so, your body will systematically ask for more.

Here are some other healthy tips also: do some walking - not jogging... Swimming, listening to music and laughing as much as possible. Of course, if you likes and feel for any of the above mentioned exercises.

One more important tip: You need minimum once a day to look into a mirror and make positive affirmations about your self. Ex: I love you (your name), you are great, beautiful, fantastic and I love you... If you can do exercises like that for a few minutes per day in front of the mirror, it will do miracles!

You can as well buy the book of Louisa Hay : you can heal your life! There is a therapy in there that is fabulous!!!

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