Herbs and Pregnancy

by Regina
(Czech Republic)

Herbalife, Herbs and Pregnancy

Herbalife, Herbs and Pregnancy

Further to our conversation at Herbalife and pregnancy

All Herbalife products are absolutely the best and they can promote a perfectly healthy body.

But pregnancy is an exception and when you pregnant you should read the information on the labels. Not every product can be used.

Herbalife F1 Nutritional shake, fiber, multivitamins, Herbalifeline can be used during pregnancy.

However I decline to use Aloe Vera, Rose-Ox, Xtra-cal, Tang Kuei.

  1. A woman should avoid herbs with the effect particularly affecting the uterine muscle, increasing blood circulation and over having a laxative effect.

  2. Another general principle is that no herb should not be used long term (longer than 14 days).

  3. Note also the various herbal compounds that are imported to us from abroad (eg.from Asia), which are largely unproven herbs that can have a negative impact on the healthy development of the fetus.

  4. Generally, a pregnant woman should avoid plants with a strong effect: Goldenseal, rosemary, marjoram, bearberry, basil, hyssop, wormwood, vervain and some other medical herbs (RN Dr.Peter Fort.

Other herbs that should not be used during pregnancy are:

  • Black nightshade - can cause miscarriage

  • Hemlock- is toxic

  • Birch - contains saponins that can cause breakdown of red blood cells

  • Barberry general - among other things can cause kidney damage

  • Mullein Flower - contains saponins that can cause breakdown of red blood cells

  • Origanum vulgare

  • Datura general - is toxic

  • Adonis - affects the heart

  • Hawthorn - it affects the heart

  • Lamium album - contains saponins that can cause breakdown of red blood cells

  • Cloves

  • Juniper - among other things irritate the kidneys

  • Hepatica Podlasie - can damage the heart, may also be mistaken for similar-looking European ungulates that has abortifacient effects (ie, induces abortion)

  • Galega - for internal use can be toxic

  • Cumin spiced - long term use or excessive dosage may interfere with liver and kidney

  • Shepherd's Purse - can be toxic

  • Melilotus - reduces blood clotting and also may cause bleeding

  • Llly of the valley fragrance - contains toxic substances

  • Pharmaceutical grade l Comfrey - can threaten the liver

  • Valerian- can damage the heart

  • Buckthorn - its fruits are mildly poisonous, other parts can disrupt the digestive tract

  • Licorice - increases blood pressure and negatively affects the secretion of water and salts (especially potassium) from the body

  • Daphne is toxic - contains substances acting as a poison

  • Garden marjoram - in excessive amounts can cause narcotic, causes congestion of the pelvic organs

  • Woodruff - can cause damaging the liver

  • Peppermint - is able to change the blood count and kidney damage

  • Thyme general - is able to adversely affect the thyroid gland

  • Bearberry -can cause damaging the liver

  • Soapwort pharmaceutical grade -can cause damaging red blood cells

  • Foxglove - is toxic

  • Ocún autumn - is toxic

  • Monkshood - a poisonous

  • Wormwood - supposedly is able to induce abortion

  • Garden parsley - leaves it unable to cause congestion of the uterus and kidney irritation

  • Pharmaceutical grade coltsfoot - can irritate the liver

  • Primrose spring - is able to damage the red blood cells

  • Horsetail - is able to cause mild poisoning

  • Ruta graveolens - is able to cause congestion of the pelvic organs

  • Rosemary - can cause convulsions and intoxication states

  • Nightshade belladonna - a poisonous

  • Daisy general - with saponin content is able to damage the red blood cells

  • Cinnamon - pregnant women should use it only in small quantities, otherwise it can cause pelvic congestion

  • Lavender general - can affect the operation of the heart

  • Saffron - can cause congestion of internal organs

  • Sage - is able to induce an abortion and threaten the heart

  • Thyme

  • Menyanthes trifoliata

  • Greater celandine - it is poisonous

  • Crow quadrifolia - is toxic

  • Tansy general - can cause pelvic congestion and kidney damage

  • Pharmaceutical grade ginger - large quantities can cause pelvic congestion.

So before use any herbs read the label. If you have questions ask your doctor.

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