Since its launch in 1980, Herbalife has been committed to improving lives through better nutrition. In addition, the company offers opportunities for financial independence.

Herbalife nutrition

A Brief History

It began with the first product - a protein shake, intended for weight loss. Selling this product, from the trunk of his car, Mark Hughes, founder of the company, made a decision to improve the nutrition of people all around.

He also decided that company products would be sold through distributors in a direct selling model, enabling maximum people to make money. Thus the overall goals of Herbalife were established - mission for nutrition and enabling financial independence to distributors.

Herbalife nutrition

Herbalife - The Journey

The company today has come a significant distance from its humble beginnings. CEO Michael Johnson attributes the company's success to the range of products developed on the concept of cellular nutrition.

He also appreciates the efforts of more than 2 million distributors who ensure maximum people are able to avail the nutritional benefits of company products.

Cellular Nutrition

Cellular nutrition concept is based on using plant based nutrients and micro nutrients, which function at the cellular level. These herbs prompt the body cells to absorb the nutrients more efficiently, so that they function optimally.

And when the cellular functioning is at its most effective, the body feels healthy. Your appetite is normalized and more importantly your energy levels are increased.

Herbalife cellular nutrition

The Product Line

Company does not advocate starvation to lose weight. The focus is always on improving nutrition by developing products that enhance the cellular nutrition. A case in point is the hugely successful weight loss product - Weight management programs.

Developed by Dr.David Heber, the product formulation combines the principles of cellular nutrition with the power of protein. This creates a unique weight loss product that improves nutritional levels and metabolism enabling healthy weight loss results.

Nobel laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro is also associated with company in the development of Niteworks, the hugely beneficial nitric oxide supplement for the heart.

The company's huge product line up includes protein shakes, protein snacks, nutritional and sports supplements, nutrition products for kids , for women, men, elderly people and personal care products.

Huge Business Opportunity For You

All Company products are made available exclusively through independent distributors. So becoming a distributor for the hugely effective and successful range of products is a wonderful business opportunity for you.

You earn money not only through the sale of products, but also by recruiting other distributors.

One of innovative way of enhancing your earnings as an independent distributor is through the concept of nutrition clubs.



Here people who are not able to afford monthly product packages, or just want to try, buy and utilize the products on a daily basis in a form of aloe vera drink, energy tea and shake.

This concept greatly improves the product penetration, making it available to lots of people for whom the higher per month packing may not be affordable. And naturally, your earnings also increase.

The Market Trends

Obesity is a growing health concern in many of the countries as is impaired nutrition. Check out obesity statistics by Obesity Action Coalition. Company products address the issue of obesity.

The range also includes meal replacement shakes, herbal teas, aloe Vera drinks and other nutritional products; all of which aim to improve nutritional levels. So you can be assured the markets for these will continue to grow in the coming years.

Become a Herbalife distributor and reap financial rewards. Besides you get fabulous discounts on the products. Surely that is a tempting offer.

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herbalife distributor

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Herbalife products

Find out how Herbalife, the leading health nutrition company ensures the quality, safety and efficacy of its products.

Click here to read more about Niteworks - nitric oxide supplement for the heart .

Calculator for effective weight loss.

Programs to lose weight.

Protein snacks

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