Use of Herbalife Total Control to boost metabolism and energy, resulting in weight loss

Herbalife Total Control

Herbalife Total Control facilitates weight loss. But it is much more than a weight loss supplement. It is the part of comprehensive weight management program from Herbalife.

More about Herbalife weight management programs here.

Apart from helping you lose weight, it also increases your energy levels and alertness. The product works best when you combine it with healthy diet and moderate exercise.

New Advanced Formula Promotes Metabolism

The new Herbalife Total Control formula contains a range of ingredients which boost the body’s resting metabolic rate. As the metabolism increases, the body’s energy requirements become higher. To cope with this, you burn more calories, resulting in weight loss. Read more about resting metabolic rate here

The ingredients in this formula also improve alertness and energy levels. All the ingredients are Kosher certified, making the product ideal for everyone.

lose weight with total control


The new formula is a proprietary blend of the following natural extracts – ginger root, pomegranate rind powder and a variety of tea leaf extracts including leaves of green tea, Oolong tea and black tea.

Oolong and black teas are different types of tea that have been processed to varying levels. All these ingredients work synergistically to increase metabolism and promote weight loss.

The product also contains a proportion of caffeine (82mg, that equal to one cup of coffee) derived from natural caffeine powder and the teas.

The Effect of Ingredients

  • The ginger root extract has been proved to possess thermogenic properties. It increases the heat generation in the body, putting your metabolism in the high gear. Thus it contributes towards weight loss.

  • The green tea component is also associated with increasing the metabolic rate of the body. The green tea contains a strong antioxidant called epigallocatechin that has theromgenic properties leading to increased body metabolic rate. Learn more how green tea helps in lose weight here.

  • Research has shown that pomegranate rind powder contains high concentration of antioxidant polyphenols, which helps in increasing the metabolism. The increased metabolism causes weight loss.

  • The caffeine component is responsible for boosting the energy levels and improving mental alertness. But you will not experience any lethargy or weakness compare to the coffee.


How Herbalife Total Control Works

Thus all ingredients in the new formulation have proven metabolism boosting properties. When they work together, there is a synergistic effect, greatly enhancing the body’s metabolic rate. Because of the enhanced metabolic rate, you burn more calories with your regular exercise routine.

In other words, when you combine new Total Control with mild to moderate regular exercise, the exercise is more effective, leading to greater weight loss.

Also if you combine it with a healthy diet that is low in calories, the increased calorie burning will result in a net calorie deficit that is beneficial for weight loss.

Thus the product is most effective with a healthy diet and exercise pattern.

Beside all benefits I have my personal experience when taking this product. I start to feel full much faster. That is the sign for me that there is enough food and so I can stop to eat. And this is one of the easiest ways that help me control my food and portion size and keep me from overeating.

There is my story about food portion size that I never have seen before.

And there are some simple diet tips that will help you to find out right portion size for you.

Herbalife Total Control Usage

The recommended dosage is one tablet three time a day with your breakfast, lunch and mid-afternoon snack. The product is available in a 90 tablet pack, which will last you for a month.

Pregnant and lactating women and those suffering from major health ailments should consult a doctor prior to use.

Herbalife Total Control is a product of Herbalife, the leaders in nutritional healthcare. The philosophy of Herbalife weight loss products has never been starvation diets, but rather scientifically proven ingredients that aid weight loss in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise.

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Order Herbalife Total Control today and gain control of your life.

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Lose Weight
With Herbalife

Lose Weight
With Herbalife
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