What is the Quality of Herbalife Products?

Herbalife Products

"Lose weight Now, Ask Me How" - this slogan is synonymous with Herbalife products for weight loss. The company however, is not restricted to weight loss products alone. Herbalife health products range covers nutritional supplements and skin care as well.

There is no deficit of nutritional and weight loss supplements in the market today. But Herbalife products stand out because of the company’s commitment to its customers. Each and every product is of the highest quality standards, safe and effective for the intended purpose.

The Core Product Philosophy

You can be sure that every Herbalife product that you use adheres to the company’s core product philosophy. This philosophy ensures that

  • All the Herbalife supplements ingredients are good for you
  • All the ingredients have been scientifically proven to be effective for the intended purpose
  • The labeling is accurate. That is, the product actually contains all the ingredients that it claims to contain on the label.
  • The source of every ingredient is well known and documented. It is the company policy to personally visit and evaluate every field in any part of the world from where the botanical ingredients for the various products are sourced.

The Implementation

The company has invested millions of dollars in technology, processes and people to ensure that the core product philosophy is translated into reality. And this quality inspires trust and confidence about Herbalife and its products amongst Herbalife distributors and customers.

The company is in total control of all processes right from sourcing the ingredients to the final distribution of the products.

Product development

Team Herbalife comprises the most experienced people in the nutrition industry, like dedicated developers and scientists, who work on product development.

The aim is to develop world-class products that improve overall nutrition levels. In the process, the goals of best weight loss and health improvement products are also satisfied. The company scientifically tests various ingredients for efficacy and safety prior to developing them into new products.

Adherence to cGMP Guidelines

All Herbalife products adhere to the US FDA cGMP regulations for manufacture of dietary supplements. These are most strict standards in the world. And adherence to these standards ensures that what is on the label is in the bottle. Further, it ensures the efficacy and safety of the product.

Stringent Supplier Screening Process

Herbalife uses more than 150 botanical elements for its various products. The suppliers for these raw materials are stringently evaluated. They are given the raw material specifications, which have to be absolutely adhered to.

Besides the company personally visits and evaluates the location. And several samples are tested for safety and efficacy prior to approving the supplier.

In-Process Testing

At various stages of manufacture, the products undergo testing to ensure efficacy and quality. Rigorous stability testing in five climate zones is carried out prior to releasing the products for sale.

Such testing ensures that the product remains effective and safe throughout its shelf life in whichever part of the world it is consumed.

So the next time, you consume or buy a Herbalife product, remember all the hardwork behind it. And be sure that the product is safe, effective and of the highest quality.

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