Achievement of Financial and Personal Satisfaction Goals Through Becoming a Herbalife Distributor

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As a Herbalife distributor, you are exposed to a most exciting business opportunity. It is a wonderful chance to earn money. And you have the satisfaction of improving the health and nutrition levels of people around you.


Distributors can avail a number of benefits.

  • Firstly it is one of the most effective work from home opportunities. You can work at your own pace and at a time convenient to you.
  • Secondly it is an opportunity for having your own business. You are the boss. The sense of responsibility pushes you to do well.
  • Besides, you know that all your hard-work will directly benefit you financially.
  • The company offers high level training opportunities at locations across the world.
  • And finally, you have access to world class Herbalife products at significant discounts.
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The Process

To become a Herbalife distributor, you need to fill up an interest form online. The company then puts you in touch with an existing distributor near you. And you are now ready to embark on this wonderful journey.

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How to Make Money in Herbalife

Earn income by:

  • Selling Herbalife products to people who need them. Your efforts will lead to your success
  • Building a team of distributors. An industry- leading Distributor compensation plan.

What makes Herbalife distributorship a successful work from home opportunity is its unique business concept. This concept provides simple and effective sales strategies so all distributors can earn money. These concepts are as follows:

  • Herbalife Healthy Breakfast Concept

    Every body need a healthy breakfast. So, healthy breakfast will surely interest customers and increase sales for you.

  • Business opportunity for physical trainers!

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    Becoming a Herbalife distributor perfectly complements your physical training business. Recommend the best Herbalife weight loss products and nutritional supplements.

    Consequently, your clients get the desired results from their work-out. Herbalife products also help them maintain their weight loss during the holiday season. Satisfied clients provide valuable referrals that increase your business.

  • Nutrition Club Concept

    Establish a nutrition club in your local community to sell individually priced single servings of Herbalife products. This is naturally more affordable than the entire pack.

    As customers experience the effectiveness of the product, they are motivated to buy regularly. And your income increases as club members buy the now affordable product daily.

  • Weight Loss Challenge Concept

    This is a 12 week paid course targeted at achieving weight loss. You play the role of a health coach motivating group members to achieve their weight loss goals. Recommend suitable Herbalife products that will help in the process. As people lose weight in the initial challenges, the word will spread, benefiting your business.

Herbalife Management Presents at the 14th Annual ICR XChange Conference. Find out more about Herbalife

Marketing Plan

  • If you wonder how the Marketing Plan works
  • how to make money in Herbalife
  • how to get bigger discounts etc. -

    contact me to find out how it works.

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