Follow These Heart Healthy Tips

The importance of heart healthy tips

A heart does a lot of work in the body: it is responsible for blood circulation. In order to maintain heart health, you should be careful about your diet and exercise regimen and keep yourself fit.


Unfortunately in today’s hectic schedule, tomorrow’s unforeseen health problems are given the go-by.

If you want to know how fit you actually are, take a simple test: walk up a couple of flights of stairs at a reasonable pace. If your heart is beating rapidly and you are out of breath, you are surely not fit.

Heart healthy tips – healthy diet


Heart healthy tips are easy to follow. First of all you have to learn how to read food labels to make the right healthy food choices and include heart healthy foods in your diet. That will help you easy to add healthful fats, more of fiber rich whole grains,lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and cut down on relatively empty calories from processed and ready made foods.

By avoiding fried foods, high sodium as also foods which use a lot of refined ingredients and sugar you will also contribute to your heart health.

  • Reach for fruit or fruit juice instead of sweetened sodas.
  • Have frozen fruit and low fat desserts instead of stodgy pies or doughnuts.
  • Have low fat cheeses which are freshly made, rather than over processed, canned stuff which is full of chemicals and additives.
  • Add lots of color to your meals in the form of fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t forget take in your quota of mixed greens.
  • Fish and white meat are better than red meat.
  • Whole foods, raw foods and nutritious foods should form your staple diet items. When you incorporate more of fresh foods into your diet, you will naturally lose weight, feel better and have more energy.

Now you can see these heart healthy tips are easy to work into your daily intake of food.

Fitness and health tips - Physical fitness is vital


Adding exercise to your lifestyle will benefit your over all health.

  • Take the first step towards fitness by walking a bit more,
  • taking stairs instead of going on elevators and escalators whenever you can,
  • try and incorporate some sport into your life, even if it is on weekends – every little bit helps.

Exercise helps use up calories and tones your muscles as well. Good quality exercise reduces stress levels, cholesterol and blood pressure and keeps diabetes in check. It keeps your heart healthy.
More about physical activities and your heart here

Exercise are good for you, but siting for long time can be viewed as an independent factor for developing heart diseases. The large muscle of your legs and back are not working while you are sitting. It means that the pancreas secrets less insulin and fat and sugar can be likely stored as a body fat or clog arteries. So if you have sedentary job you need

  • to try to accomplish non-computer related tasks on your feet whenever is possible,
  • try to standing and stretching at least every 15-20 minutes.

Do you need supplements?

Sometimes you just cannot get all the benefits of nutrients through diet alone. You cannot eat so much food that you get the minimum daily requirements of many nutrients for example omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, vitamin D and fish oil which have cardio protective properties. Herbalife makes high quality supplements which are easy to have.

In fact, if you have a genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, or you have lifestyle factors which may increase your risk of cardiac problems, your doctor may recommend supplements.

You should follow heart healthy tips by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a level of physical fitness, control your weight and waist hip ratio and have enough sleep. And if you need to take supplements to ensure heart health, you should take them.

Heart healthy tips - the final tip

I recommend you to use this heart assessment tool provided by American Heart Association to estimate your heart health score and determine your risks that can lead to heart disease and stroke. Use this tool to set your health goal, create your plan to improve heart health and track your result:

My life check American Heart Association and American Stroke Association:

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