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Want to know more about heart healthy foods? Do you know the leading cause of death in the United States? In study after study, done at leading universities and health organizations, researchers are pointing to cardiovascular disease.

heart healthy foods

Too many people diagnosed with cardiovascular disease rely on drugs to treat their health problems.  But medications are expensive, and they come with a whole plethora of side effects.  People complain about everything from liver problems, muscle pain, headache, constipation, lethargy, pedal edema (swelling of the feet), and much, much more. 

Plus, if you simply take pills to treat your ailments, you're ignoring the problems that brought you down in the first place. 

  • Poor diets lead to excessive weight, which means a strain on your heart.
  • The wrong fats clog your arteries.  You've got to avoid trans fat and dietary cholesterol, eat saturated fat in moderation. 
  • Salt causes the body to retain fluids, contributing to hypertension and congestive heart failure.


When you eat heart-healthy foods, you don't even feel that you're dieting.  By sticking to the recommended daily servings of the right foods-things like heart healthy fats, fish and seafood, nuts and seeds, high fiber foods, proteins, and colorful produce-you really will feel satisfied and full.  And you'll be much healthier!

Yes, You Need Fats in Your Heart Healthy Foods!

There are heart-healthy fats that your body needs.  They protect the coverings of organs, including your heart, and they have other uses.  Stick with choices like olive oil, coconut oil, and canola oil.  You can use avocado as a substitute for oil. And seeds, such as flaxseeds, plus nuts-almonds, macadamia in moderation, and walnuts-make great substitutes to give you healthy fats. 

fish oil - heart healthy food

And don't forget Omega-3 fatty acids. Your body can't manufacture them, and they are crucial to beat cardiovascular health as well as a wide range of other conditions. Learn more about health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids here.
Look for them in cold water fatty fish and seafood choices, such as salmon, mackerel, cod, herring, and bluefish. Research shows that just one serving per week will cut in half your risk of heart attack.

You should aim for two seafood servings per week, but if you don't manage that then you really need to take supplements.

Herbalife's Herbalifeline softgels are equipped with plenty of eicosapentaenoic acid-more commonly known as EPA-and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These unsaturated fats can put the one-two punch to your hypertension and high cholesterol problems.

An other great product is Herbalife's Tri-Shield offers you 100% krill oil, full of Omega-3's bounty plus the right antioxidants.

By using the right supplements you can avoid the mercury and lead that come in fish from polluted water.

Fiber Are Needed in Heart Healthy Foods - For More than Digestion

Most people associate fiber with the digestive process, so how does it help your heart? If you eat fiber, you will feel fuller faster. You'll have the willpower to resist deviating from your diet, which means quicker weight loss. And certain soluble fibers are helpful in reducing LDL, otherwise known as the "bad" cholesterol.

Foods high in fiber include colorful fruits and vegetables, such as green or red peppers, carrots, beets, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower. You can also eat apples-including the skins-grapes, and strawberries.

Whole grain foods, made from all parts of a plant, reduce blood cholesterol levels, boost metabolism, and produce red blood cells. Look for oats, whole-grain or multi-grain bread, brown rice, quinoa.

Beans and peas-part of the legume family-are full of fiber, and you can also choose from bran, nuts, and seeds. If you're don't eat enough of them during the day, add Herbalife's Active Fiber Complex to your Formula 1 shake.

And All That (Other) Jazz of Heart Healthy Foods

Remember that all those heart healthy foods you've chosen for their fiber content are also rich in antioxidants and plant sterols. You'll be protecting your blood vessels with choices like blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates, and green tea.

More about green tea and its health benefits here.


There are other foods that offer special functions to maximize heart health. Soybeans and soy protein are available in edamame, soy milk, organic tofu-and also in Herbalife's Formula 1 Nutritional Shake as well as the Protein Powder.

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant that supports total cardiovascular health. If you don't eat it daily, you should take at least 300 mg garlic tablets twice a day. Try Herbalife's Mega Garlic Plus for an enteric-coated product that takes nutrition to heart-as the label says.

Dark chocolate and red wine or red grape juices do indeed have their place in a heart-healthy diet. Taken in moderation, both of them supply more of those magnificent antioxidants that help you fight cell-damaging free radicals.

Heart Healthy Foods - Putting It All Together

Your body goes into repair mode at night when you sleep, and you can help it go to work with a product like Herbalife Niteworks Powder Mix. It's a lemon-flavored drink mix that aids in raising nitric oxide production levels at night. Click here to read more about Herbalife Niteworks.

What is nitric oxide? This is unique signaling molecule that produces widespread and diverse effects in the cardiovascular system. This is vital for best levels of energy in the day, plus optimal circulatory and cardiovascular health. Even it helped protect against memory loss. Click here to read more on What is nitric oxide?

Do you know, that adults have nearly 100.000 miles of blood vessels? And Niteworks together with heart healthy foods can help keep them flexible.

Take some time to think about what you're going to eat today, tomorrow, and next week. With the right planning, you can enjoy a heart-healthy diet and protect your heart. And you'll feel so full you won't crave the foods that sabotage your best efforts!

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