Healthy Weight Loss Tips - Part 2

This second installment of my healthy weight loss tips will cover healthy fat percentage and lean body mass. If you don't read part1 of my free diet tips then click here.

Healthy fat percentage for men and women

You need to know that healthy percentage of body fat is more important than your weight.

  • For women , the normal percentage falls within 22 to 28 percent of your body weight.
  • Younger women can go as low as 15 to 20 percent.
  • Men should fall in the 15 to 20 percent range.

Body mass index

It's useful to calculate your body mass index, which is a weight-to-height ratio. Americans with a BMI greater than 25 are considered overweight; 30 and beyond is obese. But you have to keep your body type in mind. A football player might fall into the overweight range, but remember that muscles weigh more than fat.

  • Healthy weight loss tips #4: Know your Daily Protein solution. Increasing your protein intake is an effective way to reduce your appetite, because your body burns it slowly. It keeps you feeling fuller, longer. You'll burn more calories, which will lead to a healthier weight loss.

So how much protein do you need in your diet? This is determined by your lean body mass. You need enough each day to maintain your muscles and organs.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

The Weight Management Program by Herbalife recommends 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass.

  • If you're an average woman, this is about 100 grams of protein per day.
  • The typical man needs 150 grams per day.
  • If you have a lot of upper body fat, you need more protein to build and maintain muscles.

  • Healthy weight loss tips #5: Plan Your Simple Personal Diet You can choose a diet based on your shape and body type to lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight results when you can create a difference between calories you eat and calories you burn off. It's impractical to count calories, because foods are loaded with hidden fats, sugars, and starches. Much of our foods are processed. Restaurant portions are known to be larger than recommended serving sizes. Learn about serving sizes and potions at Plus, who wants to pull out a calorie counter at each and every meal?
  • Healthy Weight Loss Tips

    Choosing a meal replacement option such as a Herbalife high-protein shake lets you know how many calories you are consuming, how many of them are protein. It allows you to control hunger and boosts your energy. This helps you to organize your lifestyle.

    The Herbalife Program focuses on the power of protein and lets you control healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates that you consume. You'll find that this couldn't be easier.

    Your simple plan is:

    • Three times per day -choose from the specially formulated supplements.

    • Two times per day- reach for one of Herbalife's meal replacement shakes. It's chosen for the protein that you need for your personally designed regimen.

    • Once per day - sit down to a full meal complete with a protein portion and with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

    Example of weekly diet meal plan of 1200 calories
    Example of weekly diet meal plan of 1500 calories

  • Healthy weight loss tips #6: Plan Your Snacks and Defense against Food Triggers.

    What foods will make you crave in and fall off your diet?

    Everybody has their limits! You can prepare for these moments ahead of time by looking at my list of healthy meal choices. When a craving strikes, you'll overcome it by eating a quick, healthy snack.

  • Healthy weight loss tips #7: Move It to Lose It...

    In order to reach the body shape you dream of, you have to add something to your new dietary routine: You must exercise! Dieting without exercise can result in weight that's lost from the muscles, including heart muscles, and not from body fat.

    Healthy Weight Loss Tips

    You have to exercise if you don't want to regain weight when you reach your goal. And you also must know that there's no such thing as spot reducing-your body will lose weight and reshape all over, gradually.

    Why The Herbalife Program?

    Because the

    Weight Menagement Program offers a strategy that makes it easy to stick with a healthy diet. Your quality of life will improve over the longer term. By combining elements of better nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction, you will lose weight. And you will maintain your weight loss.

    Is your goal to gain weight?

    You also will find the help you need with the Herbalife Weight Management Program. You just increase your diet plan and protein intake and start to build muscle and weight. No matter what your individual needs is, Herbalife can work for you.

    Ok!. You commit to the right choice!

    But, do you know what can make easier for you to reach your goal and keep you on track?


    That’s why your personal wellness coach is here always for you. And I will help you achieve your desired wellness goal.

    Are you ready to lose weight? Check it out.

    Contact me.

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    Easy diet tips.

    These few simple holiday diet tips will see you through the holidays relatively intact.

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