Healthy Weight Chart for Women

This healthy weight chart for women by Herbalife scientifically determine your healthiest weight based on your body type and your ratio of lean body mass to body fat.

Healthy Chart for MEN

Healthy Weight Calculator

Healthy Chart for WOMEN

4'9" 102–111 109–121 118–131
4'10" 103–113 111–123 120–134
4'11" 104–115 113–126 122–137
5' 106–118 115–129 125–140
5'1" 108–121 118–132 128–143
5'2" 111–124 121–135 131–147
5'3" 114–127 124–138 134–151
5'4" 117–130 127–141 137–155
5'5" 120–133 130–144 140–159
5'6" 123–136 133–147 143–163
5'7" 126–139 136–150 146–167
5'8" 129–142 139–153 149–170
5'9" 132–145 142–156 152–173
5'10" 135–148 145–159 155–176
5'11" 138–151 148–162 158–179
6'0" 141–154 151–165 161–182

Factors That Determine Where You Are on the Healthy Chart

Will every healthy wonem your height weigh the same amount? Absolutely not! Especially if you are tall or have more bone density, there will be a greater discrepancy in what is considered healthy.

To know your bone density you need to determine your frame size. How? One means is to use your thumb and index finger to reach around your wrist.

  • If your thumb can cover the nail on your index finger then you have a small frame.
  • If the fingers barely touch, it means you have a medium frame.
  • If you can't reach your fingers then that signifies a large frame.

Now you can see which column on the chart is for you. If you have a large frame, you may weigh as much as 20 to 30 pounds more than a women your height with a small frame, and yet you may both be in the healthy range for your height.

I'm Overweight

This is a common problem and nothing to be ashamed of. You should, however, be concerned for your health.

Being overweight puts extra strain on your heart, it leaves you open to the threat of diseases like diabetes, and it puts extra pressure on your joints, like your knees, which can cause problems later in life. There are more reasons why you need to lose that extra pounds.

The best thing to do is to be determined to take off the extra lbs and get back into the healthy range. It will help improve your overall health and will likely be a self esteem boost too.

So how do you get there? Self-discipline is the key. You will need to eat right balanced diet and exercise to reach your goal. The healthy weight chart can help you to know what that goal should be.

You should start this wonderful Herbalife weight loss program and its free diet meal plan that suit your goal and lifestyle. Look at these happy people who have great success with Herbalife here.

Also check out these tools for effective weight loss:

I'm Too Skinny

While very few women will ever complain about this, it still could be the sign of a health problem. If you are only a little below the numbers listed for your height and frame, there is no real cause for concern.

If, however, you are significantly underweight, it could be the sign of an underlying problem. You may have a health ailment that is leaving you malnourished.

There are also several eating disorders that could cause you to feel like you look one way in the mirror, but read something completely different on the healthy weight chart.

If you are significantly underweight, you may need the help of a medical practitioner. There are many protein shakes on the market to help those who are significantly underweight to get to a healthy range again. Read the story how Herbalife products help these people.

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