Healthy Snack Ideas Suitable for Everyone in the Family

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snack ideas

Healthy snack ideas quell untimely hunger pangs and are healthy too. A snack in between meals ensures that you do not over indulge at meal times. But opt for wholesome snacks. Fast foods or processed foods as snacks offer no nutritional value. They simply fill you up with empty calories.

Indulging in healthy snacks ensures small meals throughout the day. Not just one or two big meals.

At everyone in the family can find healthy snack ideas:

What Makes A Healthy Snack

A wholesome snack incorporates ingredients that promote overall health. Typically they are low in fat, sugar and sodium. They contain higher concentration of proteins (for appetite control), fibers (for fullness) and other food groups and nutrients that promote overall nutritional balance.

The principle behind all healthy snacks is the same. The difference between them stems from their purpose of use.

For instance with kids, the idea is to offer snacks that provide higher energy because they are constantly active. So proportion of "good" carbohydrates in kids’ snacks may be high.

But low calorie snacks intended for people wanting to lose weight incorporate a higher proportion of proteins for energy rather than carbohydrates.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Everyone

  • Kids
  • Healthy snacking habits need to be inculcated early. Whole fruits and vegetables are very good snack options for kids. Get creative and present them in an innovative manner. Trail mix of nuts and dry fruits is good for kids on the move as it keeps hands mess free. More on snacks for kids here.

  • Nutritious healthy snack ideas
  • Simple changes in your food choices enhance the nutritive value of your snack tremendously. Replace white bread with brown bread in your sandwiches. Opt for low fat yogurt and skim milk in smoothies and milk shakes. Have fiber rich whole fruits instead of juices. More on choosing nutritious snack here.

  • High protein snacks
  • High protein snacks boost energy levels and increase metabolism. They also give you a feeling of fullness. More about protein snacks here

  • Snacks for Heart
  • They include antioxidant rich foods like citrus fruits and dark chocolate. Omega 3 fatty acid food sources like walnuts, flax and pumpkin seeds that reduce cholesterol are optimal heart friendly snacks. More on heart healthy snacks here

  • Herbalife snacks
  • offers a variety of healthy snack options for your convenience. They satisfy your craving for something sweet (protein bars) or salty (creamy chicken soup mix). Herbalife Kids Shake is an ideal option for kids on the go. More about Herbalife snacks here.

  • Raw Snacks and Treats
  • Snacks and desserts made from raw healthy ingredients. The perfect recipes for woman, men, and children too. They are simple to make and don't take very much time. Delicious and healthy.

    Count the calories in your Snack

    The food calorie counter helps calculate the number of calories in each serving consumed. With regular use of this counter, you will find yourself naturally drifting towards snacks with lower calorie value. Use this calculator to count calories and nutritional value of the food.

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