Eating Healthy Portions. What Exactly Does It Means?

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How the idea of eating healthy portions has become quite different from it's original!

Aristottle (of all people!) is recorded as having the first word on eating healthy portions. He said that healthy eating "is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency."

What he means by that is if your portions are an even a little too big or too small, over many many meals those little extras or deficiencies will stack up to either being great excess or great deficiency.

Eating healthy portions-diet tips

 So what is a healthy portion?

I searched the Internet high and low to establish exactly what it means. Much of my research revealed the great differences in portion size today, in comparison to just a few years in the past.

Huge portion sizes

It seems to me, and many experts, that this is one of the key catalysts of the obesity epidemic.

We need to go further than this to figure out exactly why this is though. After all, if you are hungry you eat, right? My question became: What has changed in the last few years, which causes us to want and need such large portions?

It turns out that eating healthy portions never use to be this complicated. Our body knows how much food it needs, and it tells us very clearly when we are eating too much.

However, nowadays portions become larger and larger, and we feel less and less full. How could this be?

It all comes down to protein, fiber and nutrients.

avoid fast food-diet tip

Modern fast food and pre-prepared meals are starved of nutrients. The average burger or portion of chips contains so little nutritional substance that we can keep eating them until our stomachs simply can't take any more.

This is not what it should feel like to be full up! Why is this possible? 

These modern fast foods, ready meals and pre-prepared breakfasts use all of the cheapest ingredients possible, and this usually means they are highly refined and poor quality. 

It's impossible to be eating healthy portions of these in any quantity!

Diet nutrition tip - Try to avoid refined food.

Refining means that the food is stripped of most of its fiber and nutrients. So that it lasts longer in storage and makes a more consistent taste in our meals.

Diet nutrition tip-fiber is very important nutrient for your body. 

Try to eat as much as you can food rich in fiber.

As you might know by now, when there is no fiber in our diet it can become difficult to eliminate waste! Fiber is also a great way to feel full.

It expands in the digestive system and is also indigestible. It'll go right through you! They should be putting fiber into these fast food meals, not taking it out.

There are other nutrients that you need in your diet.

Fiber is just one of the ways that you can help yourself in your diet.

Balanced diet and healthy eating are becoming so important nowadays, it seems a shame to not understand this very basic way that we can help ourselves feel fuller and healthier after even the most unhealthy meal.

So, what is healthy portion? It's not only how big your portion, it's also what is in!

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