Healthy Nutritious Snack Foods

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How many times, when you are hungry, do you reach out for healthy nutritious snack foods? Do you make a conscious choice to eat the right healthy snacks? Or do you just take something because it is there and because you are hungry?

Healthy Nutritious Snack Foods

If you are not eating the healthy snacks then you are adding to the overall calorie count of your daily diet and not getting the necessary returns.

Why Snack

Most people have irregular meal times and do not have enough time to have a sit down relaxed meal three or four times a day. As a result, they feel hungry at odd times and then just eat whatever is handy, depending on the time of the day.

Snacking actually fulfils an important need, apart from satisfying hunger pangs. Research has found that eating six or seven small meals a day is better for health than eating one or two heavy meals in a day. It is better for digestion, for metabolism and for health.

The Wrong Foods

The wrong snack food and  the healthy snack food

Unfortunately, most people have the wrong snacks. They might have a doughnut or fries, hot dog or burger, cookies, cakes or stodgy pies and so on. It is so much easier to have ready made or fast cooked foods.

Healthy nutritious snack foods are given the go by because of the ease of convenience foods. Eating the wrong snack foods increases the calorie imbalance in the body.

What Are Right Portions For A Healthy Snack

You need to make small but fundamental changes to the choice of snack foods. It is imperative to do so for the sake of your health. You should eat the right foods at the right time as well.

  • If you are planning to eat a full meal then eat a light snack that will just stave off the hunger pangs.
  • If you are going to miss the meal, then opt for a snack, which will take the place of the meal.
  •  A business lunch or a social dinner should prompt you to have light meals or snacks at other times.

Diet Tips:

  • Ask your self if you are really hungry. Sometimes we snack because we feel stressed out, bored or tired. May be you just need to drink a few drops of water and take a rest for 10 minutes from what you're doing and your urge will disappear. More about water and how it can helps to lose weight here.

What Are The Healthy Nutritious Snack Foods?

healthy snack ideas.

Some of the healthy snack ideas are not difficult to adopt. What you need to do? You simply need to plan ahead. For example:

  • Multi-grain sandwiches filled with vegetables and white meat and/or low fat cheese without heavy creamy dressings
  • Raw vegetable salad with a light dressing
  • Low calorie whole grain crackers with a light dip
  • High fiber or high protein, low sugar granola bar
  • Raw vegetable sticks with salsa or a light dip
  • Low fat frozen desserts instead of full fat creamy ice creams
  • Skim milk blended with fruit as a milkshake or protein shake instead of a high fat chocolate shake
  • Protein bars
  • Whole fruits instead of sweetened sodas
  • Air popped popcorn instead of buttered or caramel ones
  • Chicken salad with lots of vegetables and a low calorie dressing
  • Low calorie soups make great fillers and they can be thickened with cooked blended vegetables for added nutritional value. You can try the Herbalife Shapeworks Soup Mix.
  • Whole wheat pastas cooked with lots of vegetables in a low oil sauce or tomato concasse (in a small portion)
  • Some nuts
  • Low fat cheeses including skim ricotta and cottage cheese with whole grain bread or added to salads and pastas
  • Boiled or poached eggs instead of fried or scrambled
  • Lightly steamed vegetables and mushrooms
  • Few pieces of tofu
  • Yogurt especially Greek yogurt. It has almost double of protein compare to regular yogurt.
  • Piece of cooked fish
  • Cooked shrimp

Healthy nutritious snack foods are low in fat, low in sugar and sodium, high in protein. They are also high in fiber to provide the right nutritional balance and add value to your daily diet. A mixture of raw and cooked foods will offer the optimum nutritional value.

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