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The Herbalife Healthy Food Pyramid
How this Nutrition Pyramid Can Change your Life

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Have you ever laid eyes on the USDA healthy food pyramid or My Plate? If you have tried to pursue a diet that is heavily reliant on healthy eating then the likelihood is that you have. However, did you know that using that particular nutrition pyramid could actually make you obese?

The common food guide pyramid can cause you to become obese because of the number of calories per day it recommends. Even with regular exercise, it would be difficult to burn them off. This owes much to the fact that the nutrition pyramid equates fruit juice to actual fruit.

One of the major problems with the USDA healthy food pyramid and My Plate equating fruit juice to actual fruit is that fruit juices are processed. Many of the nutrients are lost, including the fiber, which is an important dietary requirement.

Sugar is usually added to prolong its life and enhance the taste, making your calorie count far greater if you drink juice. For example, Florida Orange Juice provides 160 calories as simple carbohydrates.

To avoid this, skip the juices and drink water. Eating whole fruits and drinking water is much healthier than infusing your body with sugary, processed juice.

Diet Nutrition Tips—

Say No to Fruit Juice. Say Yes to Whole Fruits.
Say No to Fruit Juice. Say Yes to Water.

The USDA nutrition pyramid and My Plate also counts canned fruits and vegetables as traditional servings. These canned goods are stripped of their nutrients and push your calorie count up without giving you the essential vitamins you associate with fresh produce.

It recommends three cups of rice or other carbs, the calories of which are basically impossible to burn off. My Plate neglects to inform the public that whole grains are more nutritious than bleached grains. At the same time to stay healthy you don't need complex starches that are difficult for your body to break down.

My Plate advocates eating more grains than vegetables—advice that simply makes no sense.

Also keep in mind that red meats and processed meats can actually be harmful to your health, something the USDA nutrition pyramid and My Plate doesn’t mention.

In the same vein, My Plate recommends a serving of dairy with each meal, completely forgetting about bovine growth hormones and other harmful additives. Be wary of the milk you are buying.

Other faults with the USDA healthy food pyramid and My Plate include the relatively low level of protein they recommend and the fact that it forgets good fats. My Plate doesn't explain that hydrogenated oils are not healthy at all.

Both good fats and lean proteins are vital to your health, which is why you might want to take a look at the Herbalife healthy food pyramid instead. Developed at UCLA by Dr David Heber, the nutritional pyramid is perfectly balanced to help you to lose weight and encourage better health.

The Herbalife recommended Nutrition Pyramid

The bottom of the healthy food pyramid contains colorful fruits and vegetables, of which you should strive to eat seven portions a day.

healthy food pyramid

This replaces the grains and cereals of the traditional food pyramid.

Fruits and vegetables offer fiber, vitamins and minerals without taking up a significant portion of your calories. In fact, whole fruits and vegetables are less than 100 calories per portion. This does not include fruit juices of course.

The next healthy eating pyramid level is protein.

healthy food pyramid

This includes plant and animal sources: lean meat, seafood, fish and Herbalife shakes that are high in protein but low in fat. Just remember, corn or rice as sources of protein, are all quite calorific and most of the time lower quality.

Protein shakes from Herbalife
contain high quality protein, which is low in calories but very nutritious.

You should include just a few grains in your diet. This is because the Herbalife Nutritional Formula 1 shakes contain carbohydrates and so provide you with energy.

Under this formula, you can have 1/2-1 cup of wholegrain pasta, sweet potato or brown rice a day (only 125-300 calorie per serving), or one or two servings of wholegrain bread if you prefer.

nutrition pyramid

Finally, the nutrition pyramid includes herbs and spices at the top and not fats and sweets. Herbs and spices have amazing nutritional value.

As sources of good fat Herbalife healthy food pyramid recommends avocado, olives and nuts for taste enhancement.

Daily, you should have your supplements and exercise for good health.

All of the above will definitely give your system a boost and kick start your weight loss. This healthy food pyramid helps you to build a healthy lifestyle from the ground up so you can understand what you are eating and achieve your goals as a result.

It is not too difficult to maintain a balanced healthy diet once you know what to look for

Almost everybody snacks sometime or the other. So it is vital to have healthy nutritious snack foods.

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