Healthy Diet Tips and Advice From Jamaica

by Trasey

As a mother of three girls living in rural Jamaica, at times its hard to find the money to go to the doctor. With this been an issue at times, I have pride my self to use natural herbal remedies that cure mild illness and boost the immune system, and prevent me from spending the money I don’t have to go to the doctor. Some of these natural remedies includes: Leaf of life, Sorrel drink, nooni juice, sour sop juice, serosi bush.

Sorrel drink


Sorrel drink is a traditional drink that is drank at Christmas. This plant is high in antioxidant and good to reduce the blood pressure.

It is very simple to make. Just get 2 liter of water to boil with blended ginger to taste and a few grains of pimento (allspice). Let boil for five minutes or until you smell the pimento ginger aroma. Wash 1 lbs of sorrel pellets (more sorrel for richer taste) and add to boiling water, then turn off stove. Leave contents of pot to cool , then remove and strain when completely cool. Add sugar to taste and served over ice. Or you can blend sorrel pellets and add favorite fruits and blend as well then strain and sweeten as usual.

Leaf of life

healthy-diet-tips-leaf-of-life" Leaf of life is plant that’s grows is Jamaica,it is used for colds and
coughs. It can be prepared by harvesting the leafs of this plants wash them and place them in a juicer and extract the
juice. Once the juice is extracted you add a little salt to taste, then take two teaspoon full twice daily for five days.
(photo by

Nooni juice

Nooni juice is said to have multiple healing properties. It is good for blood pressure, nervous system, the skin, the eyes, diabetes and cancer. The juice is easy to prepare and needs no additives. Just place the fruit in a covered container and let in sit for a couple days until all the juice from the fruit has drained out. You could add a little sugar to taste and take a teaspoon a day to promote your health.(photo by


Sour Sop

Sour Sop juice is traditionally know for improving the nerves and the fiber contents. According to the study performed at 1970 it is 10000 times stronger killer of cancer than chemo therapy.

This fruit juice can be made by peel the skin off, removing the seeds and blending the fruit with water (the less water the richer the juice). After which you use a strainer to remove excess pulp and sweeten with milk, vanilla, nut meg and a little rum to taste or sweeten with sugar and line to taste.

Serosi bush

Serosi bush is used for stomach ache. To prepare this tea just brew the bush with water and sweeten with sugar. The bitter the better.
Now that I have shared my herbal recipes with you I hope you will try them for better health with less side effects.

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