Who Else Wants To Lose Weight And Get Healthy By Adopting A Healthy Breakfast Menu?

Adopting a regular healthy breakfast menu is particularly important but you may think doing so is harder than it is.

healthy breakfast menu

Everyone who has ever paid even the slightest bit of attention to nutrition will know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is designed to kick start your metabolism and make sure that your bodily functions are working properly, especially if you want to lose weight.

A healthy breakfast menu does not include fried foods, those high in fat or those that provide your system with too much salt or sugar.

Instead, eating a healthy breakfast involves getting nutrients that the cells in your body need from the moment you get out of bed until the moment that you get back into it at the end of the day. You do not have to figure out a healthy breakfast menu on your own though. Herbalife has done it for you.

Herbalife's healthy breakfast meal can be tailored to help you to achieve a higher level of health and lose weight.

My Herbalife Healthy Breakfast Menu

Hydrate the body Herbalife aloe vera
  • Hydration

The Herbalife healthy breakfast begins with having a glass of water to hydrate the body with the Herbalife herbal aloe drink.

This gives an instant boost to my digestion which lasts for the whole day and helps me easily digest all the foods I might encounter.

Of course, you may have tried other similar Aloe Vera drinks and found they did not work.

Why do I like Herbalife Aloe drink? This one is proven. I tried other brands from the drugstores. It not works for me.  Herbalife aloe is cold processed. It means enzymes and nutrients are there, even color and taste different. About some Aloe Vera health benefits learn here.

Healthy Breakfast Menu: Herbalife f.1 shake
  • Nourishment

The next element of the Herbalife healthy breakfast menu is the shake. There are two options out there for you.

1. The first is the Herbalife shake mix, of which there are plenty of recipes to choose from. You can have the Pina Colada shake, Apple Pie shake, Cappuccino shake, Sunny Vitamin C Sipper or any other one you like.

Share Your Favorite Shake Recipe and Win a Free Bottle of Herbalife Guarana Drink

I’ve come up with a number of my own recipes which basically include adding just a few ingredients to the basic Herbalife shake to give it a wonderfully fresh and varied taste each day.  Fruits, vegetables, berries, soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk, oat milk, low fat milk, juice or even yogurt. Recently I tried to add some bran. And I like it. You also can add protein powder if you like.

Diet nutrition tip

  • A cup of strawberries added to your morning protein shake will give you 90% of the Daily Value for vitamin C.
  • Need more fiber? Add  Herbalife Active Fiber Complex or any kind of bran.

2. The second of the shakes is the instant nutritional shake mix. One that literally takes ten second to mix. It is quick and easy to prepare if you are in a rush.  Although remember that rushing around when eating a breakfast is not ideal.

Healthy breakfast Herbalife herbal tea
  • Energizing

I round off each breakfast with a Herbalife herbal tea concentrate or  Nature's Raw Guarana  tea. These teas are easy to prepare. Just like regular tea but with added benefits. This wonderful tea helps me feel great all morning, and if I start to tire after lunch then I make another one. My friends are amazed at my energy levels.

Herbalife herbal concentrate also can help you to burn fat.

More on energy drinks here.

About side effects of energy drinks here.

If you are heading off the gym though, you can replace it with the Herbalife liftoff effervescent sport drink instead. This is packed with energy boosting herbs and vitamins.

So I'm a Herbalife, healthy breakfast menu convert. I just couldn’t go back to those old protein and energy shakes now that I’ve got a Herbalife.

And I know, that no matter which option I choose though, the healthy breakfast is the only way to start the day if you want to get healthy and lose weight.

Buy Herbalife Healthy Breakfast now

Healthy breakfast
Herbalife Health Breakfast

Share Your Favorite Shake Recipe and Win a Free Bottle of Herbalife Guarana Drink

What Is Your Delicious and Nutritious Shake Recipe?
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What else can you add to your healthy breakfast?

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