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1500 calorie diet plan

This free healthy eating plan of 1500 calories is especially good for men. Men have different calorie requirements from women.

Dietary requirements for men

Men who go on a weight loss diet still need 125-149 grams of protein daily. They are heavier than women and so their calorie needs are slightly higher.

Here are 2 versions of 1500 calorie plan.

  • Best one: using Herbalife high-protein meal replacements, which scientifically proven for easier portion and calorie control.
  • Another one: eating food in controlled portions, which seems to be difficult for most of us. And main reason why all popular diets fail.

How Herbalife Shapeworks program is different

Herbalife Shapeworks weight management program follows the meal replacement strategy. So you have protein shakes which merely have to be blended and offer great nutritional and protein value.

Unlike many diets like Atkins, you will not be taking large amounts of fat, which are not good for health. This 1500 calorie diet plan allows you to replace two meals, usually breakfast and lunch, with Herbalife protein shakes. Along with that, you have a Herbalife protein snack.

One proper meal is all you need in this free healthy diet plan. This can be made up of your regular food, but you have to include 4-6 servings of fruits and vegetables, one complex carbohydrate and 1 protein serving of lean meat or fish or vegetarian complete protein. All food should be cooked in low or no fat manner.

Diet tips for effective weight loss

  • Remember that each portion of food should be about fist or palm sized. It makes easier to figure out how much you should have, instead of weighing or measuring.
  • Don’t forget to add Herbalife Herbal Concentrate to your diet. It will give you energy, boost metabolism and help in weight loss.

Free healthy eating plan: 1500 calorie plan 125-149 gram of protein







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