Free Diet Tips - Dreamed About A Perfect Body? Tend Toward Obesity?

Learn From These Free Diet Tips.

Is there a past medical history of conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease in your family? Never really learned much about heart-healthy habits such as exercising and making good food choices?

Free Diet Tips

Now is your time! Now is the time to make changes!

If you've struggled with your weight for years, like I did, you're probably receptive to learning new ideas about lifestyle management. It's absolutely possible to beat the vicious circle you've been trapped in and enjoy a better life.

You're about to find a program that analyzes how your own body works and what it needs. This is not just a diet, it's a lifestyle. May be you’ve experimented with many different diets and tried all kinds of eating plans. None of them ever helped to keep off the weight for good. Possibly you've gained and lost the same five or ten pounds over and over. And you've never really addressed a long-term plan to maximize heart health. More about heart healthy diet read on at

Most diet plans are just geared toward the average person. But each one of us is an individual, with his or her own metabolism. More about metabolism and how it affect our body read on at

My free diet tips deal with that. Our bodies all vary in many ways, including shape, gender and much more. About different types of shape read on at

Free Diet Tips

The search for a healthy eating program led me to Herbalife's Weight Management Program. This program allows me to lose weight in a healthy way according to my body type. And best of all maintain it forever.

From the time I began the Herbalife program, I realized I was experiencing incredible new energy levels. I've lost weight. I feel fantastic. I change my shape. Here is my Herbalife story.

I know this can happen to you, too. I'm enthusiastic about explaining how this life-changing Herbalife Health and Weight Management Program make sense for others like me.

I’m here to help you. I've assembled my free diet tips. This gives you an idea how to create your personalized weight-loss program.

  • Free Diet Tips #1: What's Your Purpose?

    Why do you want to lose weight? What is the real reasons to lose weight? How will weight loss benefit you? Maybe you want to look better. Possibly your doctor has given you some dire health warnings. Are you already experiencing health problems? Think about the answers to these questions. As you get started you can stay motivated by those answers.

  • Free Diet Tips #2: Don't Start Until You Know Your Body

    Free Diet Tips

    You need to know your body type, body frame, body fat percentage, and lean body mass. First, you need to know what body type you are.

    A Pear Shape Body? An Apple Body Shape? What is yours? Find out here.

    Body shape determines your ability to lose weight.

    • Some people have more upper body fat. They tend to carry fat around the neck, face, chest, and waist. It is also held around the intestines. Upper body fat and abdominal fat are easier to lose with dieting. It is the first fat that has to be lost.

      If you only diet, you'll lose both fat and muscle tissue. What you need is to change your lifestyle. Along with diet you need to exercise to remodel your percentage of body fat and alter your lean body mass.

    • Other people have a greater fat distribution on the lower body areas. They accumulate fat on the hips and thighs. This fat is harder to lose, than upper body fat. It is resistant to exercise and diet, but is not typically medically dangerous.

      Many of these people-especially women-appear to be slender, but they still carry a significant amount of body fat. Only diet doesn’t help you. You will lose your muscles and your metabolism will go down. And with this body type you already generally have a slower metabolism.

      So that even if you cut calories you won't be able to get rid of fat. If you fall into this category, you need to consume sufficient protein, to control cravings and to build the muscles to get the shape you want.

      You have to steel yourself to stay in this for the long haul, because you are fighting that stubborn fat. Herbalife's supplements are available that will help you boost metabolism.

  • Do you want to find out which body shape you fit into.

  • Free Diet Tips #3: Set a realistic goal.

    Free Diet Tips

    Your goal have to include not only your desired weight, but more important your body fat and body lean, also BMI.

    At first for you weight you have to determine whether your body frame is big or small in size. This helps you to find your healthy weight. Small, medium, and large frames can vary from one another by as little as twenty to forty pounds. If you're a woman with a small frame and you're 5'3", your ideal weight range is 114-127 pounds. If you have a large frame at that same height, your weight range is 137-155 pounds.

    Knowing your target weight keeps you realistic about your weight loss. If you go below your target weight, estimated by ideal fat percentage, your arms and legs will lose muscle and become flabby.

    What is the difference between your ideal body image and your ideal body shape

    Remember that your weight is just a number. You can be in normal range of weight, but carry too much fat in the wrong place. The actual relationship between muscle and fat is most important. This includes your percentage of body fat.

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