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Have you ever heard of the food pyramid serving size?

The pyramid serving size (now we have My plate instead of My pyramid) provides easy to remember recommended amount for each food groups measured in common household measures, like cups, ounces and spoonfuls.

Portion size is different than pyramid (My Plate) serving size. Portion size is the amount of food we eat.

Based on the food guide pyramid as established by the US Department of Agriculture, the food pyramid makes suggestions on common portion sizes based on your gender, age and level of activity. This has recently been restructured because the information given previously was found to be confused. However, this time around the basics are more easy to pick up and use as and when you need to.

What counts as a food pyramid (My Plate) serving size?


pyramid serving size

Taking carbohydrates first, you do not want to eat too many because you will end up storing the carbs not used as fat within the body. This of course will not help your weight and health at all.

As such, you need to regulate your portions to pyramid (My Plate) serving size ones. For example, a slice of bread that is about the size of a plastic CD case or half a cup of rice will count as one ounce equivalent of grains. To find the right amounts that counts as 1 ounce equivalent and common portions of grains visit My Pyramid, wich becomes My Plate now.


Vegetables and Fruits

pyramid serving -apple

The food pyramid (My Plate) serving size of vegetables and fruits are quite similar because they tend to be measured in cups. A cup of broccoli or potatoes counts as one serving. This applies to both raw and cooked vegetables.

For example two cups of raw leafy green vegetables will counts as one serving. What counts as a cup of vegetables? Find out at

In relation to fruit, the same general rule applies because a cup of fruit counts as one serving. But if you are eating an apple or orange? 1/2 large apple or 1 large orange equal to 1 cup of fruit. What counts as a cup of fruits. See


Meat and other proteins


Meat and other proteins are similar in the way that they are assessed in relation to the food pyramid (My Plate) serving size.

But you have to be a little more careful with these because it is difficult to determine how many half cups a steak, chicken breast or slice of fish would take up.

Instead, you are best to count the serving size in terms of weight.

  • 1/2 of small chicken breast-equal to 3 ounce,

  • 1 small lean beef steak equal to 3 1/2 to 4 ounce,

  • 1 salmon steak is equal to 4-6 once.

My Plate for Protein foods

My Plate for Dairy Group

My Plate for Oils

So there you have it – a way to calculate food serving size. So the My Plate is an educational tool to help you make better choices.

But, if you choose Herbalife with its unique healthy food pyramid, you will certainly find it easier to stick to a healthy diet.

Do you want to know how much calories in particular serving size? So use this calorie calculator.

How to take control of food portion size? How to deal with huge portions?

The Right Food Portion Sizes. How to know that food portion sizes you are eating right for you? There are some simple diet tips.

Food Portions. The Ultimate Tips To Help You Maintain A Healthy Lifes.

Back to health diet tips from food pyramid serving size.

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