The Right Food Portion Sizes.
More diet tips for you.

Food portion sizes are posing more and more of a problem for individuals within society today. They are cited as the key reasons why so many people are overweight. So how much do you know about what you are supposed to eat?

Food portion sizes

There are some simple diet tips.

  • First of all, your portion should not relate to how full or empty your plate looks. Many individuals judge their portions by how much food is on a given plate. But this can actually lead to you eating too much in one sitting.

    Instead, think of a serving size in terms of its weight or its equivalent. For example, a cup of rice is the equivalent of common portion.

  • Secondly, even if you serve up the correct serving, you should never eat until you are completely full. Never feel obliged to eat everything that is on your plate if your body tells you to do otherwise. Eat only what you want and what your body needs.


  • Thirdly, your portion sizes should relate directly to your personal health aims. For example, if you want to lose weight then you should consider smaller portion. But if you want to put on weight then it is essential to increase them proportionally.

  • Finally, you should always bear in mind that serving sizes in restaurants are not always healthy. In fact, most restaurants tend to serve too much food. As such, if you go out to eat be sure to account for the food in your daily calorie intake. Providing that you reduce your portions accordingly through the day, a treat does not hurt anyone once in a while.

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