7 Healthy Food Ideas for Picnic Baskets This Summer

Healthy food ideas for pivnic baskets

What are some food ideas for picnic?

It's finally summertime, and families everywhere are going to be heading to their favorite parks for a great American past time: the picnic.

Picnics today aren't what they once were though. Sugary drinks and highly processed foods have replaced the classic fruits, sandwiches, and mayo salads.

What are some food ideas for picnic baskets that can keep your family in good shape? Here are seven intriguing suggestions for you to try this weekend.

Fruit Salad

Getting back to the roots of picnicking means replacing those sugary snack cakes with some fresh fruit. The kids will love a nice fruit salad.

  • Mango and pineapple can give a nice tropical feel to the blend.
  • Blueberries have fantastic health benefits and add some extra color to the salad.

To add some extra flair, put the cut up fruit on some kebabs.

Fresh Baked Bread

Sometimes healthy meals are not as filling. As long as no one in the family has a gluten allergy, bread is a great way to make sure that even a healthy picnic leaves everyone satisfied.

  • Fresh cheese is a great addition flavor wise, and it adds extra calcium to the meal.
  • Meatless turkey with tomatoes and pickles can be good too to make a healthy sandwich.

Diet tips:

  • Wheat, rye, and other whole grain breads are the healthiest.

  • Hard cheeses can be the easiest to digest even if you have a mild intolerance to lactose.

Food for picnic

Potato Salad

This is a classic as well, and it has a place in food ideas for picnic goers. You can cut down on fat content by using a little less low fat mayonnaise and adding some deli mustard and more vegetables.

Diet tips:

  • To control calories you can bring individual serving containers of potato salad for each person.

  • If you enjoy onions, then just make sure that you don't leave the salad out too long in the heat. Some experts say that onions go bad faster than the mayonnaise.

Chips and Dip

Doesn't sound like a healthy alternative, does it? It depends on what kind of chips and dip. Pita chips are lower in fat content. Hummus is an excellent dip.

Diet tips:

  • The garlic is great for a healthy immune system, and

  • the lemon juice is good for digestion and for keeping the urinary tract clear.

Vegetable Plate

Obviously, fresh vegetables are a part of any healthy meal. How do you get the kids to eat carrots, celery, broccoli, and peppers?

What about a creamy, white bean dip? It adds some flavor, but keeps it healthy. The beans add extra protein too.

H30 Drink for Healthy Hydration

Fitness drink from Herbalife

Haven't heard of this one? It's a fitness drink from Herbalife. Water is a great hydrator. But if the kids are used to sodas and energy drinks, they may want something sweet. This is a good alternative. Unlike the drinks you'll be substituting, Herbalife H30 fitness drink doesn't have any caffeine.

Plus, it's packed with potassium and other electrolytes. It's a great way to keep your family hydrated on a hot day, especially if you'll be playing some Frisbee or tossing around a football; so make sure to include Herbalife H30 fitness drink in your food ideas for picnic baskets.

More on Herbalife H30 fitness drink here.

More on healthy hydration here.

This summer, have fun in the sun and eat healthy at the same time by adopting these food ideas for picnic.

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