Amazing Health Benefits Of Fish Oil For Heart Health


Fish oil for heart health-Such a simple solution


Scientific studies have shown that fish oil for heart health is extremely useful. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which give added protection for cardiovascular health.

Fish oil can actually prevent heart attacks. It acts as a cardioprotective for people who are healthy as also those who may be prone to heart disease.

In fact, fish oil is so good for the heart that it actually reduces the fatal incidents associated with coronary heart disease. Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian study 2013.

What kinds of fish and seafood benefit the heart?

All kinds of fish which are fatty fish offer protection. In particular, fish like mackerel, salmon, trout, herring, sardines, cod and seafood like shrimp, scallops and oysters are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Perhaps the most heart healthy Omega-3 come from krill, a shrimp like creature that lives in the Antarctic Ocean.

Diet Tips

1. When you buy fish look for wild, avoid farm fish. Mostly farm raised fish contaminated with drugs and other agricultural chemicals.

However striped bass, tilapia Ecuador and US farmed, rainbow trout and mussels, oysters, scallops can make exception from this list.

2. If you buy salmon look for Pacific, not Atlantic salmon. 90% of Atlantic salmon are farm-raised. Particularly Wild Alaskan, Sockeye salmon, pink salmon or keta are good choices.

3. Frozen fish as good as a fresh fish. The technology of freezing allows pull fish from the water and frozen it within hours.

4. Canned albacore tuna or white tuna, because of mercury side effects, never good for your kid.

5. To get their benefits you need to eat fish at least two to four times a week.

6. To make better Seafood Choices I recommend use Seefood Watch website, where you can find best choices, good alternatives or seafood to avoid.

Fish oil and heart health. How omega-3 fatty acids work

Lifestyle diseases like high cholesterol level, diabetes and high blood pressure all contribute to arteriosclerosis which leads to heart problems including narrowing of the arteries and blockages. Omega-3 fatty acids

  • reduce triglyceride levels (a type of blood fat) and LDL - low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and raise good cholesterol,
  • stabilize blood clotting,
  • relax the arteries and help to maintain arteries flexibility and elasticity,
  • decrease the incidence of high blood pressure,
  • promote healthy circulation and maintain cardiovascular system health,
  • diminish inflammation. Inflammation is one of indicators that can predict coronary events.
  • support stable heart rhythm. Arrythmias are a primary precursor to sudden cardiac death.

All these are health benefits of fish oil for heart health. More benefits of Omega-3 fatty acid here.

Many diets stress on the reduction or elimination of fats in the diet. But some fats are good for health. You have to see that you do not take hydrogenated fats or trans fats which are bad for you. But remember, fish oil for heart health and overall health-necessary element in your diet.

Your doctor may recommend supplements in case you already have high cholesterol level or have a predisposition to heart disease or just for better health.


Why use supplements? Benefits of fish oil supplements.

While it is always a good idea to eat food which provides the benefits, there are many people who may not have access to fatty fish or may not like eating it or may be allergic to seafood.

Then there are people who already have heart problems and need to have more omega-3 fatty acids than they can get from the fish.

Unfortunately as our waters are no longer clean, but polluted with dangerous effluents, fish is often high in poisonous mercury. People who already have heart disease should limit their exposure to mercury, because according to the Burger 2013 citing Gullar 2002, Stern and Korn 2011 mercury in fish can micrify and erode benefits of fish oil.

Other people who eat large amount of high-mercury fish have reported neurological and other health problems.

Sushi lovers, remember, compared to other seafood, sushi, especially with tuna can give you 10 times higher exposure to mercury (depending on the type of restaurant and kind of sushi).

So it may be better to opt for supplements that have been certified "mercury free" like Herbalifeline. Herbalife softgel fish oil capsules offer all the benefits with none of the risks associated with eating fish.

How much is good: Fish oil dosage

Different scientific studies have proven that omega-3 fatty acids are good for cardiovascular health. The studies, however, vary in their recommendations on how much fish oil should be taken every day. Depending on your current health status, you may have to take between 500 mg and 1 gram of fish oil daily.

Further research is ongoing. But the figures tell the story: there is at least a 30 percent drop in mortality rates among people who already have heart disorders.

The diets of people in Alaska and other countries whose main food comprises fish means that they have a reduced incidence of heart problems.

Scientific evidence bolsters the anecdotal evidence. So what are you waiting for? Take more fish oil for heart health and start it right now.

Herbalife Fish Oil

Herbalife offers softgel capsules which provide all the antioxidants and cardioprotective properties associated with health benefits of fish oil for heart health.

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