Female Body Shape And  Male Body Shape To Lose Weight Effectively

The female body shape and male body shape is something that we often deem irrelevant when it comes to dieting. But did you know that it can really make a difference? People of different body shapes lose weight differently!

Every little while there is some or other new diet on the market. These diets often find takers and when celebrities follow these diets, they become all the rage. More often that not, these are a form of fad diets.

Among the new entrants in the popularity sweepstakes are the Zone Diet and the Blood Type Diet. A little while back the GM diet was extremely popular and then there is the seemingly everlasting Atkins. Whichever diet you follow, you'll probably lose weight, but you will lose weight all over.


But if you are unhappy with your basic body shape (big hips, thick legs)? How can you solve the problem? 

You need to learn to understand why shape makes a difference to your weight loss efforts and apply a personalized diet and exercise regime accordingly. Then you can work towards achieving your ideal but realistic shape. 

Learn About Different Body Shapes

The female body shape and the male shape are related to body fat to a certain degree. We all have to have a degree of body fat to be healthy because the body will not work properly without it. Why we need fat find out here. However, it tends to build up in areas that are not exactly desirable.

Depending on where the fat deposits are located, the female body shape may be apple, pear or hourglass (proportionate).

  • The apple body shape has fat around the chest and stomach.
  • The pear shape body is heavy around the hips.
  • And the hourglass (proportionate) will have chest and hips in equal proportion with a somewhat narrower waistline.

If you have been thin in the beginning, it is only when you put on weight that you realize which shape you have. This may happen due to overeating, or it may be happen after childbirth or other hormonal changes.


The male body shape is different from that of the female body. Males usually have apple shape and tend to put on weight around the abdomen and chest. They also are more prone to developing a beer belly. 

Check Out Which Body Shape You Are

When you find out which shape you fit into – you can do this by looking into a mirror and also with the help of a measuring tape – you can go about losing weight to get the body shape that you want. There are many online calculators, too, for example  waist to hip ratio calculator, which can help you determine your body shape. 

When you determined your body type, then you have to find the right combinations of diet and exercise which fit your body type and your metabolism. You also need to manage your stress. Sometimes because of undue stress, you can end up eating more, eating wrong foods and not exercising, thus putting on even more weight. 

There is no one size fits every overweight person. Because the female body shape and the male body shape are such that you need a special  diet meal plan which is tailored to your personal needs. Choose your plan here.

Along with diet, you need an exercise plan as well. While spot reducing is difficult, you have to tailor you exercise regimen to get the shape you aspire towards.

The Different Body Shape Problems

Both men and women with an apple body shape are more prone to coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, some cancers and gall bladder disease. These are serious diseases.

But apart from these ailments, both men and women who are overweight are prone to knee problems, osteoarthritis, spinal disorders (as the back is put out of alignment thanks to the extra weight) and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

A personalized diet and exercise plan can help you achieve the ideal female body shape or male shape that you want. And when you lose weight properly, you can avoid health problems as well. 

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