Your Guide To Drinking Water To Lose

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Drinking water to lose weight – now there is a new one! Drinking 8 glasses a day you may have heard of but drinking water to promote weight loss is probably not.

Drinking Water To Lose Weight-diet tips

 As such, this idea may be new to you. But if you only take on board half of the information and advice here then you will find your weight loss is more effective and you feel healthier than you do now.

We all know importance of drinking water. It hydrates the body and encourages every cell in your body to work more effectively. It speeds up processes and that has numerous effects, such as flushing out toxins, encouraging oxygenated blood flow and reducing the signs of aging. Read more about healthy hydration here.

How Far Can Drinking Water to Lose Weight Work Though?

You will definitely be surprised.

Before we go into the reasons why drinking water to lose weight is incredibly successful, it is important to highlight that drinking too much of it can cause serious health problems.

 It can dilute electrolytes in your body that are required to ensure healthy heart, brain and muscle functionality. It can lead to water retention.

As such, 8 glasses of water a day is a good guide to use. Overweight people need more water. Although you should compensate it in humid environments or when participate in sports regularly.

Your body will generally let you know when it needs hydration  but when you on diet you should make a priority to get those 8 glasses a day.

There are numerous reasons for this but the first is probably the least surprising.

  • If you drink water or green tea with dinner then it will make you feel fuller to ensure that you do not overeat.

Diet nutrition tip:

Drink 1 glass of water or green tea before every meal. You will eat 75 calories fewer and in the end of the year you can lose  about 15 lbs.

lose weight with water
  • Although water suppress appetite and help engage deposited fat into metabolic process. But dehydration prevent or reduce the process of fat burning. If you cannot burn fat then you cannot lose weight.
  • Healthy hydration also has a number of other effects. It helps fiber to carry waste products out of your body to prevent blockages and clogging of the colon. This also makes your digestive system more efficient so that few calories are not turned into fat cells and stores.

Drinking water and weight loss should begin the moment you get up. Before breakfast, drink at least one glass of water.

Diet tip:

Try make flavored water adding lemon or Herbalife aloe drink. This will not only rehydrate your body but also give it the chance to get the metabolism going immediately. Take it from me, you will feel healthier and more alert as well as getting all bodily functions working well. About Aloe Vera benefits read here.

Drinking Water and Weight Loss

There is one important point to draw your attention to. When you begin to lose weight, many of the pounds lost will account for the water that passes out of your body.

It might not make the scales look any better but you do have to replace that water or else your weight loss will come to an abrupt halt. So drinking water to lose weight is definitely a long term solution but a step that you must take, no matter how disheartening in the beginning.

Of course, healthy hydration is not enough on its own and so you should pair it with a comprehensive healthy diet, like the program that Herbalife has to offer. More about Herbalife weight loss program here.

Hydrating your body and making sure that it gets all the essential nutrients it needs is essential in the weight loss process. You do your part then Herbalife will be able to fulfill its end of the bargain!

Health benefits of drinking water

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