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My name is Tatiana, and I am a busy, successful, independent Herbalife distributor.   

My website is a place where you can come for guidance and advice. 

Also this is place where people sharing their weight loss photos and stories. So I want to hear about your dieting success stories and your frustrations.

I am fascinated by the wide variety of nutritional choices that people make.  There are those who focus on whole grains and fiber, and others who work on eliminating carbohydrates.

  Many people believe it is wrong to consume meats and dairy foods, so they become vegans. 

Yet others choose diets that feature the foods they love. For example, the Mediterranean diet allows heart-healthy fats like those found in nuts plus plenty of fruits and vegetables.

And the very fact that there are such differences in the way people eat points out why I fell in love with Herbalife products in the first place.  If you're focusing on just one or two food groups, you're probably missing out on others, and Herbalife puts that punch into people's daily food regimens to keep them healthy and happy.

If you are interested in exploring which Herbalife products are right for you, I can tell you just which ones you need to supplement your current dietary habits.  I can tell you how to buy products at a lower price. 

Herbalife offers a range of programs, and no matter which one you choose I can serve as your Personal Wellness Coach.  I am the right person to teach, motivate, and encourage you as you make your journey to nutritional health.  No matter how long your road is on this journey, no matter what your goal is, I believe Herbalife products offer something to help you get around the roadblocks. 

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Why should you visit my website? 

Who am I and what are my beliefs?  When I grew up, my family's main preoccupation with food was just getting what we needed.  We never really considered choosing foods just because of their specific nutrients.  And these are the beliefs I came to follow:

  • I believe that with the abundance of nutritional, healthy food choices available in supermarkets today, if people just ate enough of the right foods they wouldn't even think about the ones that give them empty calories.  But they don't have the time to make good choices, or they don't know how. Herbalife's supplements can help with that.
  • I believe that people have a serious need for protein options that go beyond meats.  If you look at the nutrition labels on nuts, yogurt, or eggs-whatever your favorite choices are-you can determine whether you're getting enough protein and if you're avoiding things like too much sodium and cholesterol.  Herbalife's protein shakes and soy products solve many people's problems. 
  • I believe that people really need to get experienced in reading nutrition labels.  Too many believe that fruit juice is a suitable substitute for a piece of fruit.  But does that juice have sugar or other additives? 

    Or take peanut butter, for example.  People view it as a healthy alternative to meat in order to get their daily protein.  But it's so full of unhealthy fats! 

    The manufacturers extract the healthy peanut oil when they're packaging most peanut butter products.  They sell the peanut oil in more expensive, heart-healthy products.  And in place of the peanut oil, they inject artery-clogging hydrogenated fats.  Herbalife helps people by teaching them how to read labels properly.

  • I believe in educating people about the balance they need between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  Because the truth is that we need all three of them in order to build healthy bodies.  They work together in a true synergy that gives you the liveliness to exercise, the fuel to burn while you exercise, and the protein to build newer, stronger muscles from that exercise.

     Herbalife is all about achieving that balance-whether you need one of the big three nutrients, or if you're after antioxidants or vitamins or something else. 

Ask a question

I am creating this contact page as a way for people to ask questions about nutrition and how Herbalife can make their lives easier.  I can offer you plenty of great advice, plus great values on the products that will put you on the right nutritional road for your journey. 

Share your stories and photo

If you have a before-photo of yourself, I'm eager to have you share it with me and with others who visit this website.  There is an option for uploading photos to this site.  I would also love to collect and share your stories-all about your obstacles, your stumbles, and your successes.  Before you know it, you'll be uploading an after-photo.

Share your story here

Help me make a better website

I also invite you to help me make this a better website.  First, of course, is the sharing part; You can share your helpful tips and advice here. And I really want to hear about how things are going for you.

But also, because English is not my first language, I welcome your input on my grammar and spelling.  And just comments of any kind -all are welcome! 

Link to my website

Please link to my site and bookmark it so that you can return anytime you need motivation or advice.  Share the link with your family and friends.  Now that you know who I am, it's your turn to tell me about you

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