Learn About Your Calorie Intake
To Lose Weight

Calorie intake to lose weight. How to determine the numbers?

How many calories you need to lose that extra lbs? How many calories should you eat to gain a pound or lose a pound? If you do not know then you are not on your own but you have come to the right place.

calorie intake to lose weight

Calories are effectively units of energy for your body. Contained in carbohydrates, fats and proteins, they are broken down into individual units that are either used to keep our bodies functioning properly  or stored as fat if they are not used. 

To lose fat you would need to burn these  calories and  reduce the number of calories by eating less.

For example, 

  • if you consume 500 calories fewer per day than your daily requirement or total metabolic rate then you will lose a pound a week based on consuming 3,500 calories less over the week.
  • Or if you burn 500 calories more than you eat you will lose a pound a week.
  • So, if you consume 250 calories less, than you use each day, you will lose 1/2 lbs a week,
  • 1000 calories less, you will lose 1 lbs a week. So that is how weight loss work.

So, what is your daily requirement? Here is a simple formula: your weight in lbs X 12. But this is general.

To know exactly how many calories you use per day (resting metabolic rate) and calories needed to lose weight depend on gender and height you need to look at calculator for weight loss designed by Herbalife. 

calorie intake to lose weight

If you are looking not to lose weight but actually to gain it then you will find that the opposite applies.

As a pound of fat is worth 3,500 calories, it stands to reason that eating 500 calories more a day will help you to put on a pound a week. Again, this may vary if your metabolism is particularly quick or if you are very active.

How To Control Your Calorie Intake

The first step to controlling your calorie intake to lose weight is actually learning how to calculate your daily calorie intake. All you have to do is add up the total number of calories you eat on a daily basis.

This can be done via a food diary initially and then you can begin to calculate your calories as you go. You can use calorie intake calculator to find out how many calories are in a specific food.

Actually counting calories is almost impossible. And not every one will like to do that. 

Meal replacement strategy offered by Herbalife are designed to help you. With Herbalife free daily diet  plans  and high-protein nutritional shakes is an easy way to lose weight by reducing the calories and feel your best without counting.

calorie intake to lose weight

Activities and exercise calorie calculator.

Calorie intake calculator.

Free diet meal plans. Simple healthy diet meal plans for men and for women.

Determine your body shape to find the right combinations of diet and exercise which will fit your body type and your metabolism.

How to lose weight healthy

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