Calculate Body Fat Percentage
And Take The First Step
To Your Fat Loss Goal

Why do you need to calculate body fat percentage? This is a question that everyone on a diet should know the answer to but yet this does not seem to be the case.

calculate body fat percentage

In fact, although people are becoming more aware of their body fat levels. But they still focus on how much they weigh when they step on the scales.

At the same time more emphasis should be put on the body fat you are carrying if you want to take the first step towards setting realistic weight loss goals.

Why It Is Necessary To Calculate Body Fat Percentage

Reducing your body fat and inches are more important than simply deciding that you would like to lose a certain number of pounds or kilos. 

Setting any target weight loss in pounds without having to calculate  body fat percentage can  result in not very efficient weight loss practices. Many of us want to  weigh much less than would be medically desirable based on healthy body fat percentage. After all, if you pluck any number out of thin air but do not have the body fat to lose then it could seriously damage your health.

  • You not only lose fat as a result of aiming to lose pounds.  But you will also lose lean body mass, which is composed of muscles and water. So you will lose your muscles and also muscles from your heart. Actually, your goal was to lose weight, not to damage your body.
  • And the result of losing weight also could be temporary. Your metabolism will go down.

So when you set your weight loss goal as a target fat loss, you will control the fat that you want to lose.


Why You Could Not Lose More Weight While Losing That Fat

As you take enough protein, stay on healthy diet and exercise you will tone and build your muscles. You will remodel your shape and your body composition. Then you will find that you do not lose more any pounds at all. 

Why? Because you simply add muscle while losing fat weight.  But muscle weighs three times more per unit of volume than fat.  However your waist is more defined and your body is more fit. And you look and feel fantastic.  

How To Calculate Body Fat

There are numerous ways to calculate it. You can use the tape measure methods, such as the YMCA and US Navy methods, traditional body fat measurement calipers, monitors and scales, body composition scales or one of the many calculators available online. For example, there is body fat calculator that simply use your BMI, weight and height to provide calculation. From there, you can decide your own target fat loss.

Take the time to find out how to calculate this percentage accurately and you will find that your diet or program, such as Herbalife, becomes more productive and effective in achieving your ideal body shape and your end goals. 

Learn from these free diet tips:  How to create your personalized weight-loss program. 

Easy Ways to Lose Weight Are In ReachThere are easy ways to lose weight with the Herbalife program. ShapeWorks makes it easy by combining the best components of Cellular Nutrition with the power of protein

Do you know that people of different body shapes lose weight differently?  Female body shape and male body shapes.

Use this calculator for effective weight loss.

Healthy weight chart for men.

Healthy weight chart for women.

The waist to hip ratio calculator is an uncomplicated method of assessing your stomach fat levels.

Do you know your BMI? Body Mass Index Calculator. 

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