Essential Body Fat Percentage That Everyone Needs To Know

 body fat percentage

Do you know what your body fat percentage is? Many people have no idea what the concept is let alone how to find out what it is. That has to change in the very near future because more and more of us are putting our health at risk by having overly these figures.

First of all, body fat percentage is literally the percentage of your entire body that is composed of fat. It tends to accumulate around the stomach, hips and thighs and those areas hold the vast majority of it.

It's also located around internal organs and in breast tissue. It can be measured accordingly and there is a minimum and a maximum level that you should have.

Why you need to know this percentage

There are reasons as to why calculating this percentage is important. For example, it can help you to determine whether or not you are in the healthy range and so how at risk of having a heart attack or stroke you are. However, in addition to ensuring your health, this percentage can also help you to set realistic diet goals. It's also useful for athletes.

By using this calculator you can determine your percent and amount of fat you have.


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Now look at the chart and find out which category you belongs to.

Body fat percentage chart recommended by Health professionals.


AGESuperior ExcellentGoodFairPoorVery Poor
20-29 2,4-8,3% 9,4-12,9% 14,1-16,8% 17,4-20,7% 22,4-25,9% 29,1-36,4%
30-39 5,2-12,7 13,9-16,6 17,5-19,7 20,5-23,2 24,2-27,3 29,9-35,
40-49 6,6-15,1 16,3-18,8 19,6-21,8 22,5-25,0 26,1-28,9 31,5-37,4
50-59 8,8-16,9 17,9-20,5 21,3-23,4 24,1-26,8 27,5-30,3 32,4-38,1
60+ 7,7-17,2 18,4-21,1 22,0-24,3 25,0-27,6 28,5-31,2 33,4-41,3


AGE Superior Excellent Good Fair Poor Very Poor
20-29 5,4-16,0% 17,1-19,8% 20,5-22,7% 23,7-26,5% 27,2-32,1% 35,4-40,5%
30-39 7,3-16,9 18,0-20,8 21,6-24,0 24,9-28,1 29,3-32,6 35,7-40,0
40-49 11,8-20,3 21,3-24,3 24,9-27,3 28,1-31,1 32,1-35,0 37,8-45,5
50-59 11,8-23,6 25,0-27,4 28,5-30,8 31,6-34,3 35,5-37,9 39,6-50,8
60+ 15,4-23,5 25,1-28,5 29,3-31,8 32,5-36,5 36,6-39,3 40,5-47,0

Source: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the Institute for Aerobic Research, Dallas,TX.

Two types of body fat

You should bear in mind that there are two different types of fat as well – essential body fat and stored body fat.

- The former is absolutely vital for our survival whilst
- the second is that you can afford to lose.

Stored fat is that consumed that the body does not break down for use as energy. As such, the body retains it because it cannot get rid of it. It is this fat that builds up to unhealthy levels if you let it.

There are many different ways to determine your body fat. Find out which one is better for you.

BMI calculator.

Having a healthy body fat percentage is an absolute must. Fat is healthy. Why?

The waist to hip ratio calculator is an uncomplicated method of assessing your stomach fat levels.

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