Body Fat Calculators, Body Fat Monitors And Scales

There are many different ways to determine your body fat. Body fat calculators and a body fat monitor and scale can do just that.

Prior to adopting any weight loss or get healthy plan, it is important to find out exactly how much fat you are carrying.

body fat

First of all, there is one important point to make. Having too much bodily fat can put an unhealthy strain on your organs and systems and can seriously harm your health.

However, you have to have a certain degree of  body fat in order to survive. As such, the reading given on a body fat monitor and scale or on body fat calculators should never read as 0.

There are numerous formulas to calculate body fat available for you to use today. For example, you could use the YMCA formula, the US Navy formula or  body fat calculators available on this site. Also you can use the traditional way – calipers.

Whichever way you choose, it’s better and easier have a monitor or scale at your disposal if you want to keep track of the progress you are making on a regular basis. 

YMCA Calculation

YMCA Fat Calculator

The YMCA formula of fat calculation is made with a tape measure. You measure your waist and then your weight to work out body fat percentages.

This has certain advantages because it means that you are able to do this measure at any time. However, it does not take into account other areas of the body and there is a margin for error as a result.

The US Navy Formula

US Navy Calculation

Much like the formula of YMCA calculation above, this calculator also uses a tape measure. You have to use it to measure your neck, waist and stomach area.

Thus making it more accurate because it includes hips. This is particularly important for women because the hips tend to provide fat with an ideal area to settle. The margin for error is less than the YMCA formula but it still applies.

Body fat calipers

Body Fat Calipers

Calipers offer a more traditional method to that of body fat calculators. 

Just choose the right skin folds to measure and you are able to use equations to measure your body fat.

The problem is that if you get the area to measure wrong then your calculations can be massively off. But if you get it right there is no more accurate way.

The Body Fat Monitors And Scales

Conversely, the monitor and scale works by sending an electrical current through your body. It is only a low level current. So it is not harmful but it accurately measures how much opposition the current meets. That is to say, it measures how much fat gets in the way of the current and so offers a highly accurate measurement. 

This monitor and scale is ideal for use with programs like Herbalife  because it can help you to monitor your progress as you begin to lose weight.

Having access to a body fat monitor and scale is an absolute must if regaining health is a particular goal of any weight loss program. 

Losing a few pounds is a massive achievement. But, reducing body fat from poor to good levels can improve your quality of life and health in years to come. So watch that percentage reduce!

Calculate Body Fat Percentage For Effective Weight Loss here. 

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