Basic Nutrition Information On Herbalife Health And Nutrition Products For Young Athletes


Basic nutrition information for young athletes lay importance on the necessity of their getting enough of the right nutrition that helps them keep their activity levels up. We all know that teens lead extremely hectic lives - studies, sports, friends, family.

So it is vital that their nutrition needs are met. This basic nutrition information will show you how young athlete can get right nutrition before, during and after their performance for best result.

Before the event

When teens take part in sports, whether it is simple play or serious sport, they need to optimize their nutritional intake. One way you can do this is to make sure that do not have high sugar items or drinks before play. Sugar gives an energy boost, but also leaves the body fast and results in a low feeling.

Basic nutrition information on healthy hydration

Instead of sodas it is better to give plain water. Make sure your teen is well hydrated and drinks two or more liters of water a day – 8-10 glasses at a minimum.

Healthy hydration is crucial if your teen is playing on a hot day. In any case sporting activities makes a person sweat and lose water. It is necessary that this is adequately replenished.

Electrolyte replenishment


Sometimes water alone is not enough. Electrolyte replenishment with an electrolyte mixture (potassium and sodium) is useful in staving off dehydration. What are electrolytes and what is their function. Read on here.

Herbalife makes H30® Fitness Drink which is very easy to have and provides a balanced electrolyte combination. The sodium-potassium balance is essential for the young body to perform at an optimum level.

How to optimize nutrition

Water and electrolyte mixtures will take care of the dehydration factor, but not the nutritional needs. The calorie and nutrition needs of teen are high.

Their bodies are developing so they need more calcium for their bones and teeth and more protein for muscles and growth.

They also need all the nutrients necessary to function well, be healthy as well as build up their immunity. For that, beside healthy diet, you also should opt for nutritionally rich shakes which are easy to take and taste great too.

Herbalife nutrition products
herbalife kids shake

Herbalife makes health and nutrition products such as Formula 1 nutritional shakes and Herbalife Kids shakes. These have all the nutrients needed to satisfy the energy and nutritional requirements of young athletes and help them maintain their fitness levels. This shake can be a great healthy snack after the game.

Also Herbalife® Protein Bars Deluxe make for a great snack, offering good protein value. They are easy to carry and taste good.

More on Herbalife nutrition products for kids and teens here.

Healthy Diet For Young Athletes

Due to the prevalent fast food culture, teens love fast and junk foods, which do not offer great nutritional value. In fact they are usually more of refined foods, loaded with fats and carbohydrates.

diet for athletes

If your teen loves pizzas, burgers and fries which are not good for health, try and get him or her to switch to healthier alternatives.

Also make sure that he is getting enough of fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables in his diet, fiber rich foods, complex carbohydrates, whole foods and the like. Healthy Diet for Teenagers here.

Develop good eating habits early. Make sure that kids have a healthy snack.

You want the best for your young athlete and want him or her to grow up healthy. Basic nutrition information ensure that you do that. If you make sure that his nutrition needs are met, he will be healthy and active.

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