Balanced Healthy Diet For Health
Is There A Solution? Part 2

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Balancing your diet Part 1

herbalife's balanced healthy diet

The Herbalife way is a system that will help you achieve a balanced healthy diet. In situations where it is simply just not possible to obtain all of the nutrients that your body needs from food, Herbalife Cellular Nutrition can help.

Here are a some tips on ways you can balance your diet alongside Herbalife products:  

  • Consume several small meals or snacks throughout the day. You will reduce cravings at the same time as your energy levels remain high.

Look for nutritious snacks, like fruits or vegetables. Include small portions of protein, such as a handful of nuts, low-fat cheese, or yogurt. More on healthy snacking here.

Again, the Formula 1 shake provides much of what you need, and it helps you avoid harmful, sugary snacks.

  • Make sure you remain hydrated! This way you will not confuse thirst with hunger. More about water:

Health benefits of water

Drink water and lose weight

How to drink water when you on diet

  • Consume plenty of essential nutrients:

protein or healthy diet

Protein is a way to build healthy tissues and musculus. Eat one to three servings a day, from different sources. Try Personalized Protein Powder and Herbalife Formula1 Shakes for sustaining proper protein.

healthiest carbs

Carbohydrates are the body’s fuel, yet when you are balancing your diet you must make sure that you choose the healthiest carbs. Carbohydrates like fruit and vegetables provide different kind of vitamins, mineral and other micronutrients.

If you don't eat those enough Herbalife Garden 7 will rounds out the fruits and vegetables you might be missing, along with phytonutrients and antioxidants.

importance of fatin your diet

And fats help your body absorb vitamins, plus they keep your skin, nails, bones and hair healthy. So in a balanced healthy diet you need fat, but from healthy fat sources.

Herbalife Tri-Shield contains Neptune Krill Oil, full of those wonderful Omega-3 fatty acids. Herbalifeline is another product full of the Omegas, and it also boosts your cardiac and joint health. More about health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids here.

vitamins and minerals in balanced healthy diet

A balanced healthy diet includes the vitamins and minerals necessary to help your body use all the good things you're eating. There are 13 vitamins and 17 minerals that your body cannot produce on its own.

Opt for the Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex to get the 22 essential nutrients. Xtr-Cal Advanced helps you get minerals you need for healthy teeth and bones and also to assist with the biochemical processes that your cells undergo every day.


Fiber keeps the digestive process moving. If you don't get enough from produce, seeds, and nuts, try Herbalife Active Fiber Complex to improve your bowel function. Florafiber safeguards your intestinal integrity.

If you can see Herbalife Cellular Nutrition, as a part of a healthy balanced diet, enables your cells to work at full throttle for maximum benefits. So be proactive about your health with good nutrition and balanced healthy diet. Of course, don't forget exercise and good rest.

Learn more about Herbalife Cellular Nutrition by watching Herbalife's vice president of Nutrition Education talk about this subject.

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