Examining the Men's Average Weight Chart

Average weight chart for men will help you determine your healthiest weight. It was recommended by Herbalife company and based on ratio of lean body mass to body fat.

Healthy chart for women here.

Or use this calculator instead of average weight chart

Chart for MEN

5'1" 128–134 131–141 138–150
5'2" 130–136 133–143 140–153
5'3" 132–138 135–145 142–156
5'4" 134–140 137–148 144–160
5'5" 136–142 139–151 146–164
5'6" 138–145 142–154 149–168
5'7" 140–148 145–157 152–172
5'8" 142–151 148–160 155–176
5'9" 144–154 151–163 158–180
5'10" 146–157 154–166 161–184
5'11" 149–160 157–170 164–188
6'0" 152–164 160–174 168–192
6'1" 155–168 164–178 172–197
6'2" 158–172 167–182 176–202
6'3" 162–176 171–187 181–207
6'4" 164–180 175–191 185–212

Should Everyone My Height Weigh the Same Amount?

No. If you look at this average weight chart you can see that people of the same height can range in body weight from 30 to even 60 pounds and still be considered as a healthy.

Several factors apply:

  • The first is bone structure. If you have a smaller frame, your average healthy numbers will be significantly lower than someone of the same height with a large frame. You can usually tell the size of a person's frame by their wrists.

    Thin boney wrists mean a small frame. Wrists too big to reach you fingers around imply a large frame. Every one else would fall in the medium frame category.
  • The other factor that applies is height itself. The taller you are, the more variation there will be in average numbers. This is because a taller person has more bone mass and thus there is a great range due to frame size.

The Ideal Weight for You

This will depend on a number of factors. Once you have determined your height and your frame size, the average weight chart will give you a range of anywhere from 6 pounds to 27 pounds. Why the discrepancy?

Once again, it has to do with overall size. If you are short and small framed, then there is very little to cause a legitimate difference in numbers between you and other men of your size. If you are very tall and have a large frame then your weight may differ a little more significantly from someone else, and yet you may both fall into the healthy category.

I'm Too Small

There are many reasons this could happen. You may need to spend a little more time at the gym or perhaps use protein shakes to supplement your diet.There is nothing wrong with being a little under what the average weight chart specifies for you. How Herbalife products and diet plan can help you gain weight find out here.

If you are malnourished, however, there may be an underlying medical condition that requires attention.

I'm Too Big

This is common. It's also unhealthy. A good diet and proper exercise are the keys to getting back into the healthiest range for your stature. If you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight on your own, you may want the help of Herbalife wellness coach or a personal trainer. Contact me for more details.

You also can try these easy diet tips to start your healthy diet.

Now look again at average weight chart and remember where do you stand and where you should go when it comes to your weight.


Beside weight you also need calculate your body fat percentage. Find out Why?

Different ways to determine your body fat.

Use this waist to hip ratio calculator to assess your stomach fat levels.

Use this calculator for effective weight loss.

Do you want to know the difference between your ideal body image and your ideal body shape? Click here.

What is your body shape? What is the right combinations of diet and exercise for your body type and your metabolism? Find out here.

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