Incredible Herbalife Success Stories

Do you have Herbalife success stories or are you having a difficult time losing weight? Are you frustrated by different weight loss methods that seem to yield no results? I invite you to share your stories with us. This way others can benefit from your experiences while attempting to lose weight.

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One thing is certain, with Herbalife products, you cannot go wrong. How do I know?

Well, I am an independent Herbalife distributor. I have my own success story with Herbalife, which I will share with you. Coping with excess weight is daily struggle many of you are experiencing. I know because I have been there.

Herbalife success stories

My Battle with the Bulge

I was always pleasantly plump. With the course of time I started piling on the pounds. A part of my weight gain could be attributed to genetics (many of my family members are overweight).

But I soon realized that this is hardly an excuse. Each person is responsible for his/her own health and well being. I decided to take charge of my life and began weight loss efforts in all seriousness.

The Initial Days were Confusing...

Before I was totally confused. I had no clue which foods were good and which were bad. I would starve myself the entire day. And I got so hungry, that I just could not control my eating then.

I did not understand that piece of cake and piece of lean protein are not equal in calories. My snacking was wrong.

As you know, the Russian custom is to drink a lot of tea. And invariably the tea is served with cakes, pastries, pies, candies and sweets. My thinking was that if I have a piece of cake, it will not hurt. But usually there was not only the one piece. More than that.

Alas, I did not know that even one piece of cake can contribute 350-600 calories. No wonder I was not losing weight.

I also tried many other diets and so called ‘miracle’ weight loss pills; with zero results.

Herbalife Success

Herbalife Points the Way

One day my friend, who is Herbalife distributor, introduced me to their products. It was as if a new way of life opened up for me.

My Herbalife Success Story

Herbalife weight management programs do not recommend any starvation diets. All products are developed in such a manner as to maximize nutrition and metabolism. Click here to know more how to lose weight with Herbalife.

When I started my Herbalife program, my energy levels were high and I had never felt this good before. My hunger cravings reduced.

Simultaneously the extra inches disappeared and I lost 21 lbs. Further guided by Herbalife, my lifestyle has become much healthier.

I have managed to keep the excess weight off for the past 10 years. When I look at my old clothes I can not believe that was me. Herbalife is lifestyle, not only diet.

A Herbalife Distributor

Within 3 months of initiating use of Herbalife weight control products, I decided to join the company as a distributor. I was completely convinced about the products by personal experience.

And I wanted to help others receive the benefits of this product for their weight loss efforts and health. Contact me to know more about Herbalife products and how they can help you.

If you are already using the products I encourage you to share your Herbalife success stories here.

Have Herbalife products helped you lose weight, increase your energy, improve your skin or otherwise enhanced your life? Let us know! This is the best way to help others.

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Herbalife Success Stories!

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