Free 1200 Calorie Diet Plan
by Herbalife


Loae weight diet plan

A free 1200 calorie diet plan, which gives you all the nutrition your body needs, even when the food intake is restricted. It is especially good for women who want to slim down.

Two ways of going on low calorie diet

  • The first is if you actually count the calories of all the food you take in. This becomes difficult because you are always calculating how much you have taken and how much is left. It may also sounds that restrict your portions is a great deal, but it may leaving you feeling hungry.
  • The other is Herbalife Shapeworks Healthy Weight Loss Program, which offers high protein on your diet plan. Higher protein intake means that you feel full and for a longer periods, since protein digests slowly.

How to get enough protein on a free 1200 calorie diet plan

On this diet plan you should aim to take between 100 and 124 grams of protein daily. This may be difficult from food alone. Herbalife makes meal replacements, which are easy to blend and take instead of meals. These provide all the nutrition you may be missing from food and meet all your protein needs even when you are on a lose weight diet plan.

You should eat one full meal in the day, comprising 4-6 portions of vegetables and fruit (each portion should be the size of your fist), one portion of lean meat, fish or vegetarian portion substitute that should be the size of your open palm and some whole grain carbohydrate.

Easy weight loss tip

You can also take vitamins and other supplements that are made by Herbalife especially for those who are on a diet.

Diet Tips:

Drink enough water. Water helps to loss weight.

If you drink 1 glass of water before your meal, then you will eat 75 calories fewer and in the end of the year you will lose 15 lbs.

Lose weight diet plan: 1200 Calories 100-124 grams of protein


Free 1200 Calorie Diet Plan


Free 1200 Calorie Diet Plan lunch




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