Healthy Diet Tips:
How To Release The Healthier And Happier You!

Welcome to “Real health, diet tips"

Frustrated by a recently developed muffin-top? Fed up with looking unhappily into your mirror? Are you tired, of feeling tired? It's time to change your lifestyle!

This website is my own memorandum – a personal story of growth or, more literally, shrinkage! I've spent years compiling must-read information on dieting and healthier lifestyles, from both the web and books, and have now put all info on this website!

Have you ever looked enviously at one of your friends and wondered, “What's she doing to get that body?” Ever crossed paths with someone you haven't seen in ages and grown envious of their figure? We've all begrudged our better looking, fitter, friends at some point.

Now I've started to enjoy hearing that, instead of saying it! I bet you would too, and there is no better time to start then right now!

Let me share my manuscript of success and start you on the path of healthy living. It's time for you to begin living healthily, feeling years younger, and getting compliments on your appearance!

Your Health, Diet Tips

This site is named Health, Diet Tips because it is about dieting, but it isn't.  Dieting is never easy. In fact, many doctors will not even use the word “diet” because it makes people have visions of rabbit food in their head. This is the first thing you should change in your way of thinking. Why don’t you try to think about a lifestyle change instead?

Define The Word Diet For Yourself

How you perceive dieting can be the first step you make towards your health.  Many people do not care about how the effect of their eating habits. They eat and eat any food (mostly junk), with no sense of restraint.

Healthy lifestyle

How I Define a Diet. (OR, How I Define Healthy Living)

For me, the way I eat is determined by how I have chosen to look at food. It is not about getting to a certain number on my scale but achieving a goal of health, youth, and overall wellbeing. Food can help, and food can hurt.

My Health, My Story

Before my more recent success I had been overweight. In fact, I had been called chubby more than once. My weight was a problem, not only for my self esteem, but I was constantly fatigued. I tried the occasional fad diet to no avail. Then I discovered the Herbalife Nutrition Program, (to learn more click here.)

Daunted by the prospect of dieting yet again, I started slow. At first I only replaced a few foods to the healthy Herbalife meals. That's when the compliments started rolling in. At that point I thought “maybe there is something to this after all.”

Not only that, but my energy levels began to improve! I've never been a strong person. Normally if I would go to the gym I'd quit early. But now I go regularly and take on everything my trainer has, and I still keep going! I've become a freight train once I get on their equipment. To find out more about (my success story, click here!)

My success began when I decided to change how I look at what I put in my body. Being attentive to my eating habits helped more than anything – of course, not once. The more weight I shed, the more motivation I had to improve my new (healthy diet).

Spurred on, I then began my research into  healthy lifestyle. Invaluable information was uncovered along the way, along with numerous red herrings.

Additionally, I became a big fan – or small fan, given my new clothing size – of sports now that I have the energy for them! On Your Health, Diet Tips I also include nutritional information specifically geared towards athletes.

Obviously I have only included information that I believe works! These diet tips and advices are meant to improve your overall health by showing you how to increase longevity, and take control of your levels of fitness and vitality. Naturally weight loss should go hand in hand!

So do you...

  • Need accurate information about nutrition and diet tips
  • Worry about your overall wellbeing
  • Wish you had more energy
  • Want to improve your lifestyle to become a healthy role model to your children   
  • Need to lose weight, and most importantly, learn to keep it off? 

… Then keep reading to discover more here at Your Health, Diet Tips!

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